Metro / Glider Fleet News 2021

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07/12/21 - B7TL 2904 (Short Strand) has returned to use after completion of engine repairs, as has B5TL 2192 (Falls). Another old-timer B7 to arrive from Ulsterbus is 2941 which is presumably the replacement for maliciously destroyed 2915. Plaxton Prima 4.has gone to Hectares Plant Sales, Jonesborough County Armagh.

10/11/21 - Streetdeck Electroliner 3531 will be registered YUI 2311 and is a 70 seater (H25/45D).

08/11/21 - Unregistered Streetdeck Electroliner 3531 appeared at MSC on the 4th November and was used to launch these buses at an event in Titanic Quarter thae same day. It carries a green version of the livery on Hydroliners 5002-4, although this is likely to be a one-off. Former Ulsterbus Tours B11R/Volvo 9700 1790/1 have been reactivated at Short Strand from 1st November for contract use. Volvo B5TL 2192 has been detaxed from Falls from the end of October due to ongoing engine repairs, whilst ALX 2961 has moved from MSC to Short Strand. Scania 796 has had it's DMD display replaced with an LED one recovered from 2992. Another malicious loss on 7th November was B5TL 2195, hijacked at Rathcoole.


05/10/21 - Production of the next 20 Streetdeck Hydroliners is continuing, with up to 3443 (YUI 2193) now taxed by the manufacturer, although none have yet started commissioning. B7/ALX 2895 has returned to use at Falls after completion of engine repairs, whilst the following are now SORN: 1999/2203 (Short Strand - accident damage) and 2904 (Short Strand - engine repairs).

06/09/21 - Delivery should start shortly of the next 20 Streetdeck Hydroliners, which will take fleetnumbers 3430-49 (YUI 2200, 2181-99). B7's 2966/7 are back in use after the school holidays, along with Safety Bus Scania 2412 and Van Hool 3231. The 2 additional Van Hools 3232/3 have now completed their commissioning and are in use at Milewater SC. B7TL 2970 (Short Strand) is detaxed for engine repairs, whilst Scania 793 has gone to Hamill for scrap.

01/08/21 - The 2 additional Volvo B7's have now re-entered service, 2961 at Milewater and 2960 at Short Strand. Also back from Van Hool and returned to service at Milewater is Glider 3219, with sister 3231 now SORN'd for PSV preparation, having seen remarkably little use since new.

01/07/21 - The 2 additional Van Hool 318TBs 3232/3 have now received former Leopard registrations BXI 328/37 (most recently on Irizar coaches 127/8); both commenced their fault free running period on 2nd July temporarily allocated to York Road Engineering. Streetdeck FCEV (or Hydroliner as this model is now known) 5003 completed it's fault free running period and was allocated to MSC from 3rd June, although it has yet to see any public use. Only 3 buses were detaxed for the school holidays at the end of June: Safety Bus 2412 (Falls) and B7TLs 2966/7 (Newtownabbey). 2 other B7TLs detaxed are 2909/20 (both Short Strand, with engine issues). Similar 2960/1 have been received from Ulsterbus, and are to be used as an engineering float to cover for Volvo B9s getting Euro 6 upgrades. Surprisingly given their age and short lifespan they have both received magenta repaints. Also received from Ulsterbus is Solo 1957 at Short Strand for contract use, with sister 1933 going to Hamill for scrap.

01/06/21 - Volvo B7/ALX 2910 returned to use at Short Strand during January after completion of engine repairs. Also back in use at Short Strand is ex Ulsterbus 2983, now painted magenta, which is the eeplacement for maliciously destroyed 2197. The L94 fleet continues to diminish, with 794 (Short Strand) being withdrawn with engine defects at the end of May.

01/05/21 - Volvo B9 2201 has returned to use at Short Strand following completion of engine repairs, with B7s 2895 (Falls) and 2910 (Short Strand) now SORN from 30th April for repair. Another B7 to join the fleet is 2983 from Ulsterbus, which will be painted magenta as the replacement for maliciously destroyed 2197. Vehicles going to Hamill for scrap are L94s 795/806/8, Intercenturies 1716/25/30 and Solos 1874/1932.

01/04/21 - Volvo B7s returning to use after completion of engine repairs are 2902/13 (Short Strand) and 2969 (Newtownabbey). 3 more Ulsterbus Volvo B12B/Sunsundegui have been received at Short Strand for contract use : 1768/77/83; these have replaced Irizars 1716/25/30 which are now in Reserve. Also withdrawn is Solar 806 with engine defects, whilst a malicious loss on 7th April is Volvo B5 2197 on the Shankill Road. On the move are Solos 1987/8 (short Strand - MSC) and ALX 2969 (Newtownabbey - MSC). Solos 1936/7 have both received magenta repaints, whilst older Solo 1883 has gone to Hamill for scrap. Volvo B9TL 2356 has received a replacement Coors AoA. Finally, Glider 3219 has returned to Van Hool in Belgium with chassis defects.

01/03/21 - Streetdeck FCEV 5002 (XUI 8002) commenced it's commissioning period on 5th February, temporarily allocated to York Road; it moved to MSC on the 18th for service but like 5004 has seen only very sporadic use. Optare Solos 0012 and 1998 have also completed their fault free running period and are both allocated to Short Strand. B7TL 2906 has returned to use at Short Strand following completion of repairs, whilst the Scania L94 stock continues to dwindle with 795 and 808 being withdrawn, both from Short Strand. An unusual arrival for contract use at Short Strand is Volvo B12B/Sunsun 1782, from Ulsterbus Armagh. Scanias 742/66/92 have been sold to Hamill for scrap, along with Solos 1880/1921/2. Other slightly unexpected arrivals are 2 additional Van Hool Exquicitys, presumably to become 3232/3.

06/02/21 - Optare Solo 0012 (XUI 6612) commenced it's commissioning period on 29th December, temporarily allocated to York Road. Older Solos 1936/7 have been received at Short Strand for use on contracts, whilst 1986 has moved from Short Strand to MSC. Volvo B7s 2902/6 (Short Strand) and 2969 (Newtownabbey) were all SORN'd at the end of January, all requiring engine repairs. Volvo B9TL 2353 have gained an AoA for the NSPCC.

06/01/21 - Optare Solos 1998/0011/3 started their period of commissioning, allocated to York Road, on 9th December, with Streetdeck FCEV's 5003/4 (XUI 8003) doing so a day later. The Streetdecks are 65 seaters with H39/27F+23 layout. 0011/3 both moved to Short Strand from 11/12, with 5004 being allocated to Milewater from the 17th. Volvo B7 2910 returned to use at Short Strand following completion of engine repairs, with sister 2913 being SORN'd at the end of December for the same reason, alons with Scania 808 (Short Strand, engine repairs). Buses moved to the Reserve fleet from 31st December are the sole remaining Plaxton Prima 4 and Solo 1874 (both Short Strand), whilst Solo 1933 returned from Ulsterbus and was placed in Reserve on the same day.

01/01/21 - Seasons Greetings and a Merry New Year from Irish Transport Heritage.

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