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Mercedes 0405 2103 Metro livery - Belfast - Feb 2006 (Paul Savage)

22/12/06 - Demonstator 2033 (SN 56 AWW) should be in service out of Newtownabbey by now. Seating is H45/33F and it was new in 10/06. A second demonstrator is also expected imminently. 2034 (LEZ 3034) is a Wright bodied Volvo B7RLE and is also due to go to Newtownabbey.

16/12/06 - Tiger 2667 has returned to Metro Newtownabbey, from Ulsterbus.

12/12/06 - Volvo B10BLE 2809 is now in Metro colours, whilst 2807 has had a Metro front added to it's green colours.

10/12/06 - SN56 AWW, an Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 demonstrator is expected shortly.

25/11/06 - Volvo B7TL 2955 has been deroofed at the Glenville Road railway bridge, which is fast catching up with the Boyne Bridge in it's tally of victims!

01/11/06 - Volvo B10BLE 2783 is the latest repaint to Metro colours.

26/10/06 - Most strangely Ulsterbus Tiger/TE 529 was working on the 57 to Ligoniel this morning. The final green double decker in the fleet, 2961, is now in Metro colours, along with Ultra 2732. Similar 2749 is to gain an overall advert for Investors in People. Ulsterbus B10BLEs 2809-11 have now moved back to Metro (GVS) again.

17/10/06 - More mega-rear adverts are on 2924/41/76/86 for

10/10/06 - Volvo 2988 has gained a mega-rear advert for Tigers 2678/9 returned to service at Short Strand on 2nd October.

20/09/06 - Volvo B10BLE 2780 is the latest Metro repaint, with Mercedes 2100 and B7TL 2923 currently being done.

13/09/06 - Another repaint to Metro colours is Volvo B10BLE's 2773; sister 2778 now carries a rear end advert for First Trust and is the first Metro low-floor to be so treated. Tigers 2678/9 are now back in reserve, with sister 2680 going to Newtownabbey along with 1472/3. The entire group of rigid Mercedes 0405's (2100-5) has moved from Newtownabbey - GVS, with 2781/2/3/2954/5 going the opposite direction, 2819 moving from GVS - Falls and 2968 from Falls - Newtownabbey.

07/09/06 - More repaints to Metro colours are Volvo B10BLE's 2766/71 and B7TLs 2952/9. Similar B7TL 2900 now carries a mega-rear for First Trust. Not previously mentioned is that B10BLE 2815 now has an overall advert for Spar, the first of this group to be so done.

06/09/06 - Volvo B10BLE 2762 is now in Metro magenta fleet livery.

19/08/06 - Further Volvo double deckers in Metro livery are 2934/56/7, leaving only 2923/52/9-61 in the green livery.

09/08/06 - The second Park and Ride service for the work on the Westlink will commence on 21st August, and is service 651 (Europa Bus centre - Sprucefield), operating every 15 minutes from 06.05 to 09.30 and 14.45 to 18.30.

08/08/06 - Another Volvo B7TL in Metro colours is 2924.

20/07/06 - Ultra 2724 has yet another livery variation, with it's lower front only in Metro livery, resulting in an interesting clash of colours between the magenta and the mint green in the upperworks. B10BLE 2817 has been painted in proper Metro colours, however.

20/07/06 - Volvo B7TL 2930 is the latest to gain the Metro magenta livery.

19/07/06 - Volvo B10M's 1524/5, Tigers 2678/9 and Mercedes 0405 artics 3100-3 have all been detaxed for the school summer holidays. take a look at for pictures of former Citybus Tiger/N-types now converted for use as yellow school buses. Neoplan 2009, now used as a Community Safety bus and painted in a grafitti style of livery has been renumbered 4009 to make way for a new Ayats Goldliner.

08/07/06 - With the start of the summer timetable, service 94a (City Centre - Queens Road - Airport Road West - Holywood Exchange) now runs hourly throughout the day, Monday - Friday, providing a daytime service to these areas for the first time in many years.

23/06/06 - A number of new Ulsterbus Scania/Wrightbus are in use here to augument the fleet during the duration of the Special Olympics, including 831/2/8/40. 2619 is the second Tiger to pass to a Liverpool dealer and 2616 was being looked at with a view to it being the next one.

13/06/06 - Volvo B7TL 2929 and B10BLE 2818 are more to be repainted to Metro colours. 2893/926 have mega-rear adverts for whilst 1475 has one for the campaign against carrying knives.

09/06/06 - Volvo B10BLE 2772 is the latest repaint to Metro colours.

05/06/06 - Two more Metro repaints are Volvo B7's 2932 and 2954. Similar 2977 is another with a mega-rear advert for Spelga.

31/05/06 - Another recent mega-rear advert is on 2982, for Spelga.

25/05/06 - More recent mega-rear adverts are 2917 (Sligo Tourism) and 2888/986 for the drink 'Brahma'.

21/05/06 - Former Flexibus Solos 1835/6 are now in Metro colours and are branded for the relaunched 600 service to the newly renamed George Best Airport.

19/05/06 - Solos 1835-7 should transfer to this fleet, from Flexibus, on Monday 22nd; 1837 at least is already in Metro colours. The City Airlink service (600) will then become a Metro operation.

11/05/06 - Tigers 2678/9, both in Active Reserve, have moved from Falls to Short Strand.

09/05/06 - Recent mega-rear adverts on ALX400's include 2900/64 for BT Broadband and 2951/62 for Sligo Tourism. Volvo B10BLE 2806 is now in Metro colours.

07/05/06 - Operation of route 650 (GVS - Blacks Road Park and Ride) should commence tomorrow, using Ulsterbus Solo's 1913-5. This route runs Monday - Friday with a 15 minute frequency at rush hours, 30 minutes off-peak.

26/04/06 - Volvo B10BLEs 2804/5/19 are the latest to gain Metro colours.

24/04/06 - Former Darts 626/7/31/2/9 are now Lough Swilly 497/8/2/9/3. CAZ 6624/9/30/6/7/40 are with the Swilly and have still to be allocated fleet numbers.

08/04/06 - Darts 626 and 630 departed Great Victoria Street today no doubt bound for Lough Swilly.

04/04/06 - Citybus Darts 624/31 were collected by Lough Swilly at the weekend. It is thought that all the remaining Citybus step entrance Darts will pass to the Swilly over the next few weeks.

03/04/06 - Volvo B7 2931 is now in Metro livery.

15/03/06 - Volvo B7TLs 2933/58 are the latest Metro repaints.

09/03/06 - Cityliners 1458/63/4/6/2676/7 transferred to Ulsterbus during February and are at Newry, Armagh, Coleraine, Newry, Downpatrick and Dungannon respectively. Dart SLF/Wright 642 is now in Reserve, alone with little used DAF/Van Hool coach 2000 (UXI 2000). B10BLE 2808 is the latest Metro repaint. Scanias 742/3 have moved from Newtownabbey to Short Strand.

04/03/06 - The final Cityliner of the current crop to be transferred to Ulsterbus is 1465, which has gone to Newcastle.

28/02/06 - Two more Metro repaints are B7TL 2950 and B10BLE 2763.

21/02/06 - Tigers 2678-80 are now in Active Reserve (Falls 78/9; Newtownabbey 80) whilst sisters 2666/1467 moved to Ulsterbus Newtownabbey and Ballymena last month. B10BLE 2815 has moved from Newtownabbey to GVS and Scania 741 from Newtownabbey to Short Strand. B10BLE 2819 is another to be painted green with Metro coloured front, whilst Mercedes 0405 2103 is the first of this type to gain full Metro colours.

19/02/06 - 1466 is the latest Cityliner to go to Ulsterbus and is based at Newry. Only one more remains to go (1465).

15/02/06 - More mega-rear adverts are 2940/74/6, both for the Safe Food line. B10BLE 2797 and B7TL 2937 are now in standard Metro colours.

12/02/06 - Volvo B7 2940 and B10BLE 2815 are bow both in Metro colours.

11/02/06 - Volvo 2938 is now in Metro colours, with 2940 to follow shortly. B10BLE 2796 has been repainted with a Metro liveried front on it' previous green livery.

01/02/06 - Volvo 2953 is now in Metro colours, whilst 2939/43/54 have mega-rear adverts for Allianz Insurance.

25/01/06 - Volvo 2942 now carries a mega-rear advert for Allianz Insurance.

24/01/06 - Tigers 1456/60 and 2676/7 are the latest to receive blue livery for transfer to Ulsterbus.

22/01/06 - Volvo B7s 2939/47 are both now in Metro livery.

10/01/06 - The final vehicle of the batch of 60 B7TL/ALX400's to enter service was 2920 (EEZ 2920) at Short Strand on 23rd December. Further vehicles to leave the Metro fleet for Ulsterbus are Cityliners 1456/7/2672 and former Ultra demonstrator 2761. Volvo 2948 is now in Metro magenta livery.

06/01/06 - Tiger 1472 has received an overall advert for Heinz.

01/01/06 - Seasons Greetings and a happy New Year from the Irish Transport Trust !

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