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15/12/05 - Delivery of the deckers is almost complete. Recently placed in service are 2910 at Short Strand on 5/12, 2914 at Short Strand on 7/12, 2917 at Newtownabbey on 7/12, 2918/9 at Newtownabbey on 9/12 and 2916 at Short Strand on 12/12. Tigers transfered out to Ulsterbus are 1457 (YXI 1457) and 2665/71 (VXI 2665). Citybus Dart 633 has gone to Lough Swilly and is in fact the only surviving Citybus example that Lough Swilly have not already had!

05/12/05 - November produced another rash of new Volvo B7TL/ALX 400 as follows: 2891 (EEZ 2981, 1st, Short Strand), 2894 (2nd, Falls), 2901 (2nd, GVS), 2898 (3rd, Falls), 2894 (4th, Falls), 2887/905 (11th, Short Strand), 2900 (11th, GVS), 2903 (11th, Newtownabbey), 2904/6/7 (15th, Short Strand), 2902 (18th, Newtownabbey), 2908 (18th, Short Strand) and 2911/2/3/5 (28th, Short Strand). Further vehicles to leave the fleet for Ulsterbus are Ultras 2737/41 (Craigavon) and 2748 (Derry) along with Tigers 2660 (Newcastle), 2664 (Newry), 2667 (Newtownabbey) and 2668 (Ballymena). Other moves see B10BLE's 2788/9/817/8 go from Newtownabbey to Short Strand (2788/9/817) and Falls (2818) respectively; 2817 subsequently moved to GVS; Scanias 799/800 from Falls to Short Strand; Cityliners 1471/2 from Falls to Short Strand and finally Ultras 2701/2 from GVS to Short Strand.

27/11/05 - Volvo B7TL/ALX400 2925 (HCZ 9925) is the latest to receive Metro colours.

24/11/05 - Tiger/Cityliner 1462/4 & 2670/3-5 have left the fleet to join Ulsterbus. Former RE 2565 (BXI 2565) had passed from Stanley, Bristol to Bartram & Budden, Shanklin by 7/05 for continued preservation.

23/11/05 - Yet another livery variation has been introduced on Volvo B10BLE 2807, in this case sea green & mint, no company colour, but with the front in Metro colours.

21/11/05 - Volvo B7TL 2926 is the second of the HCZ batch to gain Metro colours.

18/11/05 - Allocations for the final 20 Volvos are: 2902/3/17-20, Newtownabbey and 2904-16 Short Strand. Up to and including 2907 are now in traffic with the exception of 2902.

16/11/05 - Deliveries of Volvos continue at a rapid pace, with up to 2906 at least in service. Older 2949 is the latest to gain Metro colours. B10BLE's 2791-4 should also be properly repainted soon, losing the vinyl livery application which was rapidly applied last year.

07/11/05 - Not previously mentioned is that Volvo 2980 has a mega-rear advert for energy effieiency.

06/11/05 - Dates of entry to service for Volvo/Alexanders are: 5th October 2876-8/2988/9 (EEZ 2876 etc); 18th October 2879-85; 19th October 2886/9/90; 20th October 2888/92; 26th October 2893/6 and 1st November 2897/9. 2876/7/93/6/2988/9 are at Falls, 2878-80/99 at GVS, 2881-4 at Newtownabbey and 2885/6/8/9/90/2 at Short Strand. Darts 641/51 have gone to Flexibus (not 642 as mentioned earlier) along with Tigers 2639/40/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/61/1459, B10BLEs 2809/10/1 and Ultras 2700/42/4/6/7 which have gone to Ulsterbus. Only 2660 of the SXI batch of Cityliners is still active here. Mercedes 3102/3 have returned to Newtownabbey from loan to Ulsterbus, along with Volvos 2954/5 which have gone back to GVS. Renowns 2763/4 have moved from GVS to Short Strand and 2770-3 from Newtownabbey - Falls.

05/11/05 - Thanks to Will Hughes, news of several former Citybus RE's movingh on to new owners. 2505/6/22 (XOI 2505/6/22) passed to Quietus Productions, Pinewood Studios in 10/05 for use in a forthcoming film "Children of Men" ex Nash, Cobham (dealer).   2540 (AXI 2540) passed to The Knackered Chef, Hythe in 10/05 for use as a mobile snack bar ex Nash, Cobham (dealer) and finally 2556 (AXI 2556) had been exported to an unknown owner in Zimbabwe by 3/05 ex Wealden, Tonbridge (dealer).

05/11/05 - Dart 631 has returned from loan to Lough Swilly. Volvo 2928 has lost it's overall advert for Citybeat and is now in Metro colours. Oddly on 2nd November Ulsterbus Tiger/N-type 1328 (plus at least one other) was working on Metro corridor 2, due to a shortage of servicable Metro vehicles. Allocations for the remainder of the deckers are 2891/2 Short Strand, 2893-8 Falls, 2899-2901 GVS, 2902-7 Newtownabbey and 2908-20 Short Strand.

26/10/05 - Volvo B7TLs continue to flood in to service with 2876-8/987/8 at Falls, 2877-80 at GVS 2881-4 at Newtownabbey and 2885-90 at Short Strand. Because of this Darts 641/2 have left the fleet for Flexibus and Tigers 2639-41/3/4/7-9, Ultras 2742/4/6/7 and Renowns 2809-11 have gone to Ulsterbus. Volvo 2941 has a rear end advert for Energy Efficiency.

19/10/05 - The latest recipient of Metro colours is Volvo B7 2946.

14/10/05 - Volvo B7 2928 has now lost it's Citybeat overall advert and is in Duncrue Street for repainting.

12/10/05 - Volvo B7 2963 is the latest repaint to Metro colours, which are also now carried by new Transit service van DEZ 5550. 2966 has a DKNY mega-rear advert, and 2982 one for Indiana-Land.

09/10/05 - More dates of entry in to service for Volvo B7/Alexander ALX 400 are 5th September : 2984/5/6 (EEZ 2984 etc) on loan to Ulsterbus Newtownabbey, 14th September : 2987 (Falls) and 30th September : 2875 (EEZ 2875 Falls). 2984-6 subsequently returned to Metro GVS on 26th September. Tiger/N-type 2613 was loaned to Ulsterbus (Derry) from 1st September, with sister 2611 going to Lough Swilly (as their 487) in September in place of 2603. Cityliners 2640/3/4 and B10BLEs 2768/9 are all now at Short Strand. Volvo B7 2962 is now in Metro colours, whlst 2808 has a new variation with a magenta front bumper on the green livery.

Remains of Scania 803 - Belfast - Sep 2005 (Paul Savage)

01/10/05 -Volvo B7 2952 also has a rear end advert for Indiana Land.

26/09/05 - Yet another rear end advert on a Volvo B7 is one for Indiana Land on 2926.

23/09/05 - Volvo B7 2937 now has a mega-rear advert for DKNY.

21/09/05 - Volvo B10BLE 2765 and B7s 2955/65 are now in Metro livery. 2976 is the first of the EEZ batch to get a mega-rear advert, in this case for DKNY.

14/09/05 - Scania 803 was the first of these vehicles to be maliciously destroyed (at Cambrai Street on Monday night).

12/09/05 - With the widespread civil disturbances in Belfast at the weekend Cityliner 2669 was destroyed at North Queen Street. 1470 was also hijacked but recovered.

09/09/05 - Quite a glut of new vehicles have entered service recently: 5th August: Short normal width Easibus Solos 1920/2 (VOI 200/5, Short Strand), 16th August narrow long Solo 1923 (VOI 203 GVS), 1st September: Easibus Solo 1922 (ROI 141 Short Strand) and Volvos 2976-9 (EEZ 2976-9 Short Strand) and finally 2nd September: Volvos 2980-3 (Short Strand). Up to 2986 are now in use. B10Ms 1524/5 were returned to service on 1st September, but the Wright Handybus Darts are now history with 624/6/31 now in Reserve (631 is on lone to the Swilly). Surprisingly Ulsterbus Dart SLF 641 has been received at Short Strand from Bangor. Volvo B10BLEs 2810/8/9 are now at GVS and 2811 at Falls.

06/09/05 - Volvos 2982-5 (EEZ 2982 etc) are now in use from Short Strand. Continuing the great 'Swilly-go-round' Dart 627 arrived back on Saturday and 631 went up in its place. However Tiger 2603 DID depart for pastures new along with 631 and guess what, 2620 DID NOT.

Volvo 2977 - Belfast - Sep 2005 (Martin Young)

01/09/05 - Volvos 2976-9 (EEZ 2977 etc) entered service at Short Strand this morning, with 2880/1 going there tomorrow. Tiger 2603 has not after all gone to the Swilly.

Solo 1923 (VOI 203) - Belfast Aug 2005 (Paul Savage)

31/08/05 - Scania 785, which was the last green one, is now painted in Metro colours. New Volvos 2976/7/8/9/81/2/3/5/6/90 are at Dennisons; their entry in to service will be slightly delayed due to difficulties getting PSV dates. As with the Solos these buses feature improved seating over eralier deliveries; in this case the seats are of the style used in the reseat of the MkIII Goldliners. Another route variation to be introduced tomorrow on the Falls Road corridor is 10H Oakhurst (Black's Road via Stewartstown Road), whilst the Malone service (8A/B) is being increased from 6 to 8 buses per hour. Electronic destination displays are now being altered to show the route suffix letter in lower case to avoid confusion between 'B' and '8' in particular. Dart 626 has indeed been rejected and arrived back in Belfast today with Tiger 2628 being collected and with 2603/20 to follow. Former Neoplan 2009 is now overall magenta with a grey front and is awaiting the application of new vinyls for its continuing role as the education unit.

25/08/05 - Darts 624/39/40 have been rejected by the Swilly and are to be returned. It seems 639/40 required a lot of work and the low seating capacity and the door/ramp arrangement of 624 made it unsuitable. 632 which was due to go is not going either as it is defective. However Darts 626/31 and Tigers 2614/25/8/30 ARE on their way to Donegal, with 2625 already gone. Recent repaints to Metro livery are B7TL's 2944/51, whilst a further mega rear adverts are on 2951 for A2B airways and 2974 for the film 'The Island'. Q-type Tigers have started migrating out of the fleet with 2636/8 (SXI 2636), 2662/3 (VXI 2662) and 1461 (YXI 1461) already gone to Ulsterbus. These are likely to be the only ones to leave for the time being until delivery of the double deckers builds up. 

23/08/05 - Tiger/N-type 2625 is also on it's way to Lough Swilly joining 2626 there. At least 3 of the latest batch of double deck Volvos has arrived at Dennisons for PDI, with another 6 to follow by the end of the week. A service revision from 1st Septermber sees the 64 service to Downview extended to Gray's Lane, AbbeyCentre and Carnmoney (Fairview Road) as route 64A. This operates half hourly Monday - Friday only.

22/08/05 - Darts 632/9/40 (CAZ 6632) are on their way on loan to Lough Swilly.

19/08/05 - Forthcoming Volvo B7/Alexander Dennis 2875-2920/76-89 will be registered EEZ 2875-2920/76-89.

Hijacked Volvo 2927 - Belfast Aug 2005 (Paul Savage)

17/08/05 - Dart 624 has gone to Lough Swilly, with others to follow. Solo 1923 (VOI 203) has entered service on the Royal Hospitals service (95) and is in blue and gray Royal Hospitals colours. It is a 9.5m 31 seater.

15/08/05 - Enviro demonstrator 2027 was returned to Alexander Dennis Ltd on 27th July. Scania 741 is another repaint to Metro livery, whilst 2663 is now in blue for transfer to Ulsterbus. Only 14 of Cityliners (of the 14xx batch) should remain here once current new bus deliveries are complete; it is expected that up to 8 of the next batch of Volvo B7s should be available by the start of the new school term in September. Darts 642/6/51 should transfer to Flexibus to replace older minis. Former RELL 2457, previously with BRA has gone to the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade as a training vehicle.

06/08/05 - Solos 1920 - 1923 (VOI 200, ROI 141, VOI 205, VOI 203) are due here, with the first 3 at Short Strand displacing Darts 624 to Reserve and 642/51 to Flexibus, with 1923 going to GVS and displacing 646 to Flexibus.

05/08/05 - Volvo B7's 2927 (HCZ 9927) was completely destroyed last night after being hijacked by rioters. It is the first of the new generation of double deckers to be destroyed, and as can be seen from Paul Savage's photograph there is very little left to salvage !!

04/08/05 - Volvo B7's 2943/5 are more repaints into Metro colours. Solo 1923 (VOI 203) carries branding for the RVH service and should replace Dart 646. The majority of 3-digit numbers held by the company are to be reused on new vehicles, hence the registration of 1923. Cityliner 2638 has now been painted in Ulsterbus colours, with 1461 to follow.

24/07/05 - Scanias 742 and 806 are now in Metro colours, meaning all the UCZ batch are now so done and leaving only 741/85 to be repainted. Volvos 2923/4 have gone from Short Strand to Newtownabbey, whilst the only vehicles detaxed for the summer are B10M's 1524/5 and Dart 631.

21/07/05 - Volvo B7s 2934/9/72 have all gained a mega-rear adverts for the film 'Fantastic Four'. 2972 is the first of it's batch so treated. Cityliner 2636 has been painted blue and should go to Ulsterbus Derry shortly joining sisters 2658/9.

17/07/05 - Volvo B7 2941 has gained a mega-rear advert for the film 'Fantastic Four'.

05/07/05 - Volvo B7 2942 is now in Metro colours and should be followed by 2945. The three former Citybus RE's with P & O, 2505/6 (XOI 2505/6) and 2540 (AXI 2540) were sold to Mike Nash in June. It is not known if they are for preservation or resale.

04/07/05 - RELL 2543 has been repaired using parts from UIsterbus 2431, and should go to Lough Swilly shortly, along with Dennis Dart/Wright Handybus 627 (CAZ 6627). The Volvo B7 deckers on order will take fleetnumbers 2875-2921 and 2976-2999 which will require several other vehicles to be renumbered.

24/06/05 - The next batch of vehicles to be painted in to Metro colours are the TCZ group of Volvos, with 2941 being the first done. More recent rear-end adverts are Cityliner 2673 for the NI Blood Transfusion Service and Volvo B7 2962 for W5. 3 Optare Solos from the current order of 60 are due here, and should be used on the Royal Hospitals service 95 as well as the remaining Easibus routes.

08/06/05 - Scania 794 is also now in Metro colours, leaving only 796/805/6 from the UCZ batch to be done.

06/06/05 - Scania 802 is now in Metro colours whilst Volvo B7TL 2943 has gained a mega-rear advert for Fly-be.

29/05/05 - The only Citybus RE still to go to Lough Swilly is 2543 (AXI 2543) which is currently at Great Victoria Street awaiting collection. Further repaints to Metro colours include Scanias 798/800/4. Volvo B7TLs 2942/4 have gained mega-rear adverts for Fly-be.

20/05/05 - Volvo B7TL 2975 was the final one of the batch of 10 to enter service, doing so on 5th April. Tiger/N-type 2615 has returend from it's loan to Ulsterbus Lisburn and is now in Reserve. Also returned from Ulsterbus are Q-types 2636/8 which are now at GVS and Short Strand, whilst the final Atlantean in the fleet, 2901, has gon the other direction, now being in Ulsterbus Reserve. Volvos 2762/3/4/805/6 have gone from Short Strand to GVS with 2807-11 going in the other direction. The full batch of RELLs sold to Lough Swilly is 2514/6/7/35/30 (XOI 2514 etc) and 2535/7/8/43/7/54/9 (AXI 2535 etc). Latest changes in the livery-go-round sees Volvos 2742/933 retaining green livery but losing their swoops, whilst Scanias 795/801 are now in Metro colours.

06/05/05 - Former RE's 2517/25 (XOI 2517/25) and 2559 (AXI 2559) were collected by Lough Swilly last weekend. Livery changes see Scanias 793/808 in Metro colours, with Ultra 2734 and B7TL 2923 retaining green livery but losing their swoops.

24/04/05 - Scania/Wright 807 is now in Metro livery.

16/04/05 - RE's 2516 (XOI 2516) and 2537/54 (AXI 2537/54) should be on their way to Lough Swilly today. Former 2569, now Swilly 458, is re-registered 84-DL-2349.

15/04/05 - Scania/Solar 803 is another in Metro livery whilst Volvos 2926/49 have Coors Beer mega-rear adverts.

12/04/05 - Solar 797 IS in fact in Metro livery.

11/04/05 - Solo 1872 has been loaned from Short Strand to Flexibus since 2nd March. A number of vehicles have moved to Ulsterbus over the last month in connection with rail replacement services whilst track work takes place on the Larne railway line. From Metro reserve Tigers 1406/7 and 2650 have gone to Newtownabbey (1406, 2650) and Larne (1407), along with Mercedes artics 3102/3 (from Metro Newtownabbey to Ulsterbus Newtownabbey), Volvo B7s 2954/5 (GVS - Ulsterbus NB) and Tigers 1404/5 (Shore Strand - Ulsterbus NB) and 2636/8 (Short Strand - Newtownabbey - Ulsterbus NB). Other moves see Cityliners 2639/40 go from Short Strand - Falls, with 2639 returning to Short Strand; 2641/2 (Short Strand - GVS - Falls), B10BLE's 2782/3 (Falls - GVS) and 2815 (Short Strand - Newtownabbey) and finally Volvo B7s 2929 (Short Strand - Falls) and 2961 (Short Strand - Newtownabbey).

08/04/05 - More RELLs sold on are 2520 (XOI 2520) to Challands, Selston for preservation; 2522 (XOI 2522) and 2533 (AXI 2533) to Mike Nash, Cobham; at least 2522 is for preservation, the other two may be resold. Livery changes see Scania 799 in Metro colours (not 796 or 7 as previously advised), with Ultra 2721 losing it's swoops and Volvo 2931 gaining a Coors Beer mega-rear advert.

Tiger/Q-type 1524 - Metro livery - Belfast Apr 2005 (Paul Savage)

04/04/05 - Renowns 2802-6 have all lost their swoops recently. RELL's 2512 (XOI 2512) and 2539 (AXI 2539) passed to Lough Swilly at the weekend; Also due to go but not yet collected are Citybus 2535/47/50 (AXI 2535/47/50). The first Tiger was also collected in the shape of Citybus 2626 (NXI 4626) with another to follow. Sister vehicles 2625/30 (NXI 4625/30) are on loan to BRA to replace the RE's. These in turn will be replaced by two standard Ulsterbus Tigers as soon as they can be released. Ultra 2730 (LAZ 2730) has been fitted with Skybreaker roof mounted advertising panels.

01/04/05 - Translink have announced that Metro vehicles 2966-2975 are to be fitted with Dot-Matrix registration plates in place of the current plastic ones. When the registrations of the vehicles are changed yet again, the dot matrix can be re-programmed by the depot inspector if the bus is in it's depot, or if it is in service the driver will be notified by two-way radio and will key in the new registration immediately. Translink have appointed manager Mr Reggie Stration to take charge of the project. Mr Stration explained "The installation of the dot matrix registration plates will admittedly have a high initial cost, but this will be offset by the substantial saving arising from the end of the practice of constantly having to replace the registration plates and having new ones made". Mr Stration added that the numerous plates from previous registration plates had been offered to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum but the UTFM had to decline the offer as they did not have enough wall space to display them all. The ITT is pleased to announce that at it's Bus and Coach Rally 2005, those attending will be invited to guess what registrations 2966-2975 will carry on the day of the rally. The prize will be the old registration plates from this batch of vehicles, though the ITT points out that the winner, in order to display them, will require more wall space than the UTFM !!

31/03/05 - Volvo 2927 now has a mega-read advert for Coors Beer applied.

27/03/05 - Most, if not all, the surviving Citybus REs are believed to be bound for Lough Swilly. At least one of the UCZ batch of Scanias is now in Metro livery (796 or 7?), whilst Renown 2801 is now in the swoopless green colour scheme. 6 rear end adverts for Coors Beer are to be applied, 4 on double deck and 2 on single deck.

20/03/05 - A further 70 Volvo B7TL/ALX 400 double deckers have been ordered, with delivery commencing sometime around August. It is expected that at least some of these should go to Ulsterbus.

16/03/05 - Scania 743, Renown 2800 and surprisingly ex Ulsterbus B10Ms 1524/5 are the latest repaints in Metro colours, whilst 2803 is now in the swoopless scheme. RELLs 2532/48 have gone to Wealden and are belived to be amongst the last to go to this dealer. Dart 627 was inspected by Lough Swilly recently and it seems created a favourable impression.

13/03/05 - Dates of entry in to service for the latest Volvos are 7th feb (2966-8), 14th Feb (2968-70) and 24th Feb (2972-4). Reserve Tigers 1406/2613/4 have all go to Ulsterbus on loan and are at Ballymena (1406) and Derry (2613/4).

01/03/05 - More repaints in to Metro colours are Ultras 2707/8 and former Ulsterbus Scania 744. This means that no Ultra's remain in the red/cream livery in which this batch was delivered (finally !).

28/02/05 - The final 4 Volvo B7TL/Alexander are now in service (2972 GVS, 2973-5 Short Strand). This group is now registered BEZ 8966 etc (for this week at least !!) Livery changes see Renown 2793 gain Metro colours, previously Centrelink livery, and sister 2802 losing it swoops.

15/02/05 - The registration of new Volvos 2966-75 has turned in to something of a saga. Originally to be registered BEZ 9966 etc, they were delivered from Falkirk earlier than originally anticipated and were given BEZ 6966 etc instead. However these numbers have been issued twice in error and hence the 10 will now be registered BEZ 7966 - 7975. 2969-71 should now be in service, 2969/70 at Newtownabbey and 2971 at GVS. 2972 will also go to GVS with the final 3 to Short Strand. 3 of the final 4 were still in Belfast Docks yesterday with the last waiting shipment in Stranraer. The vehicle changes of 7th March by and large happened with the following changes: Dart 624 remains in service at Short Strand; Cityliners 1404/5 are now at Short Strand, not Falls as previously advised. 1406/7, currently detaxed, are to be reseated as 1404/5, and will be used on rail replacement work on the Larne line. 2677 has returned to service in red/cream; these vehicles will not receive Metro livery.

Volvo / ALX400 2967 - Metro livery - Belfast Feb 2005

Scania / Wright 701 - Metro livery - Belfast Feb 2005 (Paul Savage)

10/02/05 - New Volvo / ALX 400's 2966-8 have been in use at Falls since the start of the week. These are registered BEZ 6966 - BEZ 6975, not BEZ 9966 as advised earlier. The last Atlantean in the fleet, open topper 2901 (PXI 5501) has been detaxed to Reserve, but may return to service at Coleraine to replace 2908. Tiger 2626 has also gone to reserve after a period on loan to Ulsterbus Downpatrick.

Tiger 2679 - Metro fleetnames - Belfast Jan 2005

Volvo 2956 - Metro fleetnames - Belfast Jan 2005

Scania 785 - Metro fleetnames - Belfast Jan 2005

04/02/05 - It's all systems go for the biggest change in Belfast's bus services in 30 years, with the introduction of the new Metro system next Monday morning (7th February). Out go routes known to generations of Belfast folk, for example 33 Cregagh and 71 Malone, and in come 12 Metro 'high frequency' corridors. Monkstown, Belvoir Park, Tullycarnet and Ballybeen all join the Metro network, with some destinations disappearing completely (eg Mann's Corner) and other peripheral services being trimmed in frequency, all with a striking new 'pink' Metro colour scheme. One hopes that this is indeed a 'new start' for Belfast's bus services, which has suffered from years of decline and under-investment; if the new system fails to encourage growth it could well be the start of the end for public transport as we know it. Indeed inspection of the new timetables reveals that whilst some destinations receive a much better service, for example Ballybeen which goes from having 2 buses and hour to 6, many of the corridors see no improvement over the present level of service and some longstanding and seemingly well used links disappear completely, for example Mount Merrion Avenue - Cregagh Road. Creditably, on the core Metro Network, Sunday services revert to weekday routes with frequencies of up to 30 minutes. More worryingly, over 20 vehicles will be made redundant by the changes, which seems at variance with the 'better services for more people' mantra adopted by Translink. Critisism has already been levelled at the company regarding the availability of information regarding the new network; this has doubtless not been helped with the 'up to the wire' nature of the negotiations with staff regarding terms and conditions on the new network. So, what changes can we expect to see vehicle wise? Many vehicles already have gained 'Metro' names instead of Citybus, including a number of Cityliners, and the majority of the rest should be done over the weekend; all the electronic destination screens will be re-programmed for the new routes; surprisingly Dart 631 has been fitted with a roller blind display in place of it's previous Bright-tech unit. Ultra's 2705/33 and Renown 2792 are now in Metro livery; of the Ultras only 2707/8 remain in red/cream; Cityliner 2677 is expected to be the first Tiger to be done (currently Guinness advert). Ulsterbus Scanias 701/41-4/85 should join the metro fleet all at NB apart from 744 at Falls, together with B10BLEs 2808-11 at GVS and 2819 to Newtownabbey. These all should have their blue relief painted green. Also coming from Ulsterbus are Solo 1872 and B10Ms 1524/5, all to Short Strand. Darts 624/6, Cityliners 1406/7/2650 and N-types 2611/2/9/20/4/5/7/30/4 should all go to Reserve, whilst other moves should see 1404/5/2662/3 go to Falls, 2638/9/40/1/2 to Short Strand and 2647/78/9 to GVS. At least some of the new deckers should also hit the road, pending PSV and fitment of radios.


Volvo B10BLE 2794 - Metro livery - Belfast Jan 2005

Volvo B10BLE 2794 rear view - Metro livery - Belfast Jan 2005

02/02/05 - Continuing the theme of double decker registrations beginning with '9', 2966-2975 will be registered BEZ 2966 - BEZ 2975. An unusual vehicle in 'Metro' colours is Ford Transit+trailer KAZ 4160 (fleet number 5043), in use as a mobile information centre.

01/02/05 - Yet more repaints include 2701/91 (Metro, previously red/cream - 2701 and M&S Centrelink livery 2791); 2796/7 are now in the swoopless livery.

31/01/05 - 2967, the first of the latest batch of 10 Volvo B7TL/Alexander, has been delivered from Falkirk. It is the first double decker to be painted in Metro livery, and indeed is the first vehicle to carry this from new.

30/01/05 - Some Bus Shelters on the Dundonald (Metro 4) and Ormeau (Metro 7) corridors are now fitted with 'real time' information displays, although these are not yet in use.

28/01/05 - Ulsterbus Scania 701 is the first of it's type in Metro colours.

26/01/05 - Renown 2794 is the first of it's type to appear in Metro colours, having previously carried a Marks & Spencer sponsored scheme for the Centrelink service. On these vehicles the magenta is carried up to the top of the skirt panels giving an effect rather more like the original nearside scheme on 2718.

24/01/05 - RELLs 2526/45 (XOI 2526, AXI 2543) both went to Wealden last weekend. Tiger/N-type 2620 (NXI 4620), formerly a mobile ticket trainer, returned to service at GVS on 5/1/05.

20/01/05 - Ultras 2703/40 (both currently red / cream) should be the next 2 to be painted for Metro. Also to be done is an Ulsterbus Solar which is to be used for publicity purposes. B10BLE 2795 is now in the 'swoopless' low floor scheme.

18/01/05 - Ultra 2738 is now in Metro colours, with 2730/43 to follow. All 3 previously carried the red and cream livery.

12/01/05 - Tigers 2611/25 returned to service on 14th and 15th December to Falls and Short Strand respectively. Dart 631 moved from GVS to Falls on 1st December. The forthcoming 'Metro' revisions should see the following routes in operation:

Service No.


Metro 1A

Glenville via Carlisle Circus & Carnmoney Road

Metro 1B

Fairview via Carlisle Circus & Ballyclare Road

Metro 1C

Glenville via 1B (evenings)

Metro 1D

Mossley via Corporation Street, Duncairn Gardens & Ballyclare Road

Metro 1E

Roughfort via Carlisle Circus, Hightown Road  & Mayfield

Metro 1F

Roughfort via Carlisle Circus, Hightown Road  & Mallusk Road

Metro 1G

Ballyhenry via Carlisle Circus, Antrim Road and Ballyhenry Road

Metro 1H

Royal Mail (Mallusk) via Carlisle Circus

Metro 2A

Fairview via Whitewell and Carnmoney Road

Metro 2B

Fairview via Abbeycentre, Ballyclare Road & Manse Road

Metro 2C

Fairview via Abbeycentre and Carnmoney Road

Metro 2D

Monkstown via Abbeycentre and Rathcoole

Metro 2E

Monkstown via Rathcoole (circle estate)

Metro 2F

Monkstown via Rathcoole (Diamond only)


Downview via Corporation Street, Brougham Street & North Queen Street


As current 1D


As current 1A


As current 1G


As current 1E


As current 1B


As current 1G


As current 1C

Metro 3A

Knocknagoney via Queen’s Bridge and Connsbrook Avenue


Holywood Exchange via Old Holywood Road / Jacksons Road


Holywood Exchange via Albert Bridge, Circular Road & Knocknagoney

Metro 4A

Ballybeen via Albertbridge Road

Metro 4B

Dundonald via Albert Bridge


Dundonald via Bloomfield


Gilnahirk via Bloomfield


Dundonald via Bloomfield and Tullycarnett


Dundonald via Belmont Road and Castehill Road (20)/Stormont (20A)


Stormont via Albertbridge Road

Metro 5A

Braniel via Castlereagh

Metro 5B

Early morning diversion via Grand Parade and Bloomfield

Metro 6A

Forestside via Cregagh Road


As current 29


As current 29A


Mount Merrion and Upper Knockbreda circular via Ormeau Road

Metro 7A

Four Winds via current 84 route

Metro 7B

Four Winds (Laurel Grove when constructed) via current 83 route

Metro 7C

Four Winds via current 84A route – late night and Sunday

Metro 7D

Four Winds (Laurel Grove) via current 83A route – late night and Sunday


Belvoir Park and Beechhill via Ormeau Road


Belvoir Park and Beechhill via Ravenhill Road and Park Road


Four Winds via current 79 route but diverted via Mount Merrion (peaks)

Metro 8A

Erinvale via Stranmillis

Metro 8B

Erinvale via current 71 route

Metro 8C

Ladybrook via current 70 route (peaks)

Metro 9A


Metro 9B


Metro 9C

Conway via Balmoral – late night and Sunday


As current


As current


As current


As current


As current


As current

Metro 10A

Black’s Road via Ladybrook

Metro 10B

Poleglass via Shaw’s Road and Lenadoon

Metro 10C

Lagmore View via Stewartstown Road and Belsteele Road

Metro 10D

Lagmore (Mount Eagles) via Glen Road and Dunmurry Lane

Metro 10E

Poleglass direct

Metro 10F

Poleglass via Glen Road (peaks)


As current


As current


As current


As current 12


From Poleglass via Suffolk Road, Glan Road, Turf Lodge and Whiterock


As current

Metro 11A


Metro 11B


Metro 11C


Metro 11D

Combined 11B/11C


As current


As current


Carr’s Glen via Cliftonville


Carr’s Glen via Oldpark


As current 61 but re-routed via Donegall Street to North Queen Street.


Newforge, as current 71A


As current