Metro / Glider Fleet News 2022

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09/05/22 - More Streetdeck Electroliners commencing commissioning and allocated to York Road are 3544/8/51 (YUI 2324, 11th April), 3530/47 (21st April) and 3532/42 (29th April). Also being commissioned is a solitary Hydroliner: 3431 (YUI 2181, 14th March). Hydroliner 3436 has completed it's commissioning and entered use at MSC, along with Electroliners 3543/5/6/50. The registration sequence for the Electroliners will change after 3574, with 3575-80 being YUI 1545-50. B7TL 2909 has returned to use at Short Strand following completion of engine repairs, whilst former Ulsterbus Tours B11R/Jonckheere 1792/3 have been reactivated at Short Strand for private hire use. Solo 1989 is detaxed for repairs following collision damage. The end of April saw the final 3 Scania L94/Wrights being taken out of use and placed in Reserve: 796/805/7 (Short Strand), along with B7s 2905 (Falls) 2907/12/13/53 (Short Strand) and 2969/73 (MSC). Also withdrawn completely are defective B7s 2902/17/9/55/60 (Short Strand). B7s 2974/5 have moved from MSC to Falls, whilst B5s 2120-2 are the first to move to Ulsterbus. Changes to vehicles specifications see the standing capacity reduced on Hydroliners, with 5002-4 now being H65F+22 and 3430/4/5/6/47-9 being H63D+17 due to modifications to the hydrogen tank frames.

05/04/22 - Streetdeck Electroliners 3534/5/41/3 (YUI 2313 etc) commenced commissioning allocated to York Road on 4th March, with 3531/50/4 following on 18th March. Similarly Streetdeck Hydroliners 3447/8/9 (YUI 2197 etc) started commissioning on 18th March, followed by 3430 on the 25th. 3430/4/5 are now permanently allocated to MSC with 3531/3/4/5/8/40/1/54 going to Short Strand. 3531/54 both carry the green Zero Emissions branding, B7TLs 2908/9/71 (all Short Strand) were reallocated to Reserve at the end of March.

06/03/22 - Streetdeck Electroliners have started arrving with 3533/8/40 (YUI 2313 etc) commencing commissioning, allocated to York Road, on 18th February, followed by 3545/6 on 1st March. They are 70 seaters to H45/25D layout. 3550/65/6 should carry the green branded livery similar to 3531. B7TL 2920 has returned to use at SHort Strand folloing completion of engine repairs, whilst 2908 (Short Strand) is now detaxed for engine repairs. Similar 2960 has returned to Short Strand from Falls. Volvo B9 2215 has gained an AoA for BPerfect Cosmetics.

06/02/22 - Deliveries of Streetdeck Electroliners should be imminent, with 3533/5-8/40/1/4/6 being taxed by the manufacturer in recent days. B7TL 2941 has returned to use on contracts at Short Strand; it retains it's blue livery so probably will not see service use. B9 2332 and B7 2971 are both detaxed from the end of January with engine defects.

10/01/22 - Streetdeck Hydroliners 3434-6 (YUI 2184-6) commenced fault free running on 21st December allocated to York Road. These are likely to be used as training vehicles for a period of time once released. Solo 1999), B9TL 2203 and B7TL 2970 have returned to use at Short Strand following completion of accident damage and engine repairs), whilst 2960 has moved from Short Strand to Falls and 2185/6 from Falls to MSC. From 4th January Metro have taken over operation of Ulsterbus UniLink service 163, now renumbered U2 and running between Queens and Jordanstown via the new Belfast Campus.

01/01/22 - Seasons Greetings and a Merry New Year from Irish Transport Heritage.

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