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12/04/17 - The first of the new B5s in use is 2112 at Falls.

05/04/17 - B7TL 2909 has returned to use at Short Strand following fire damage repairs. Against this B10BLEs 2772 (GVS) and 2805 (Falls) have been withdrawn, with 2772 already sold to Hamill for scrap.

03/03/17 - B7R 360 has returned to Metro after use with the Training Academy; 1713 also made a brief return but is now back with the Training Academy once again. 20 Wrightbus bodied Volvo B5s are expected here, with 3 being to the longer Airbus spec for use on private hires.

[ Paul Savage ]

06/02/17 - Short Strand based B7TL 2909 was detaxed with fire damage at the end of January. B7R 360 and Scania 1713 have been temporarily lent to Ulsterbus for use with the Training Academy. Further magenta repaints are B9s 2207, 2356/67/8/70/1/9 and B7RLEs 910/1/22.

09/01/17 - Unusual loans from Ulsterbus to Metro Short Strand were Ayats 2016/26, returning just before Christmas. B10BLE 2791 has returned from the Training Academy and has been sold to hamill for scrap. Scania 785 has moved from Falls to GVS. With additional demand for vehicles December saw few repaints to the magenta livery with only 2347/67 noted. These have now restarted with a number due back on the road this week. 2207 has had the offside of it's Deliveroo aoa removed and is operating only the nearside wrap.

01/01/17 - Seasons Greetings and a Merry New Year from Irish Transport Heritage.

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