Metro / Glider Fleet News 2019

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07/05/19 - Streetdeck HEV 5000 (MXZ 6200) entered use with the Training Academy on 2nd April. None of the diesel Streetdecks are in use yet, although some have gained additional branding in the form of a light pink representation of the City of Belfast area, together with the strapline 'Energising Belfast Together'. Against this, Irizar 1713 (Short Strand) was withdrawn on 3rd April with bodywork defects. L94 794 went from Short Strand to Reserve on 20th April, and is the subject of long term repairs. B9 2332 has moved from Newtownabbey to Short Strand, with 2342 going the opposite direction.

04/04/19 - The complete batch of 20 Wright StreetDeck for Metro, 3132 – 51 (LGZ 5132 – 51), have now been delivered but are not yet in traffic. Accident damaged Volvo B12M/Plaxton 117 has now been repaired and returned to Ulsterbus. Detaxed with engine defects is Scania L94/Wright 794 whilst sister vehicle 743 has been withdrawn with chassis defects. Also withdrawn is Scania K94/Irizar 1722 following accident damage which it suffered on 09/03/19. It has been replaced by sister vehicle 1720 transferred in from Ulsterbus. Transfers have seen 2332 move from Milewater Service Centre to Newtownabbey, 2342 from Newtownabbey to Short Strand and 2343 from Short Strand to Milewater Service Centre. In addition 2963 has been transferred to Reserve pending long term repairs. All vehicles in the fleet now have four digit fleet numbers, at least on paper anyway. Those with three digit numbers have them prefixed with one zero.

03/03/19 - Interesting news is that Northern Ireland Hydrogen Transport a consortium consisting of Viridian Energy Supply Limited, Translink and HyEnergy Consultancy Ltd  has been awarded 1.95 million to build a hydrogen fuel station and purchase 3 hydrogen power buses. More than half of the batch of 20 Wright StreetDecks expected by Metro had been delivered by the end of February, 3132 – 51 (LGZ 3132 – 51). They will not be entering service until driver training on the type has been completed. The expected Wright StreetDeck HEV demonstrator will be fleet number 5000 but no registration has been reported yet. It is expected to be on loan for a year.
31 seat Optare Solo M9250SR YJ 11 DDA was received on loan from Optare, Crossgates in late January to cover for warranty work. It entered service at Milewater Service Centre on 23/1/19, initially operating staff shuttles but it later saw a short spell in revenue earning service. It was unusually allocated fleet number 0000 (which is not carried) and moved on to Ulsterbus on 27/02/19 for a further period of loan. Transfers have seen 2332 move from Short Strand to Milewater Service Centre with 2345 going in the opposite direction. Detaxed Volvo B12M/Plaxton 117 for accident damage repairs and Scania/Irizar 130 for engine repairs.
With the repainting of 2359, 2360 and 2369 into allover Magenta livery, only one vehicle in the fleet now carries an allover advertising livery, 2356 for Coors Lite. 2360 does however carry a Mega rear advert for the Translink Y Link card.
Disposals have seen Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX 400 2922/9 sold to Hamill, Ahoghill for scrap.

04/02/19 - Additions to the fleet are Ulsterbus Scania / Irizar Century 130-2 which are at Short strand for private hire work - these are being repainted to Metro private hire livery. Also received from Ulsterbus is B12M/Plaxton 117 which has been exchanged for 1720 which as gone to Newry to cover for a defective i4. A clear out of Scanias sees 701/3/14/5/24/5/39 go to Hamill for scrap. Volvo B9 2361 has lost it's Y-link AoA and is now allover magenta.

08/01/19 - Scania 739 was withdrawn for disposal during December following chassis defects with 745 being reinstated at Short Strand to replace it. Volvo B7TL 2963 was detaxed at the end of December with engine defects. Scania 786 was sold to Eden Coach & Bus Sales, Edenderry, Co. Offally during December in a dealer capacity. Volvo B9TL 2343 has had its AoA livery for BBC Sounds removed and it is now back in fleet livery.

01/01/19 - Seasons Greetings and a Merry New Year from Irish Transport Heritage.

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