Ulsterbus Fleet News 2019

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07/05/19 - The first of the new batch of Urbys to enter use are 3130 (Ards, 25th April) and 3129 (Larne, 26th April). Irizar 1059 returned to use at the start of April at Ballymena, after engine repairs, but was SORN'd again at the end of the month as it's engine issues continued. Also off the road at the end of April are 2227(Newcastle, gearbox defects) and 2934 (Milewater - float, to Reserve). Moves see 3113 go from Newcastle to Larne, 1748 (Armagh - Milewater as engineering float), 1749 (Milewater- float to Newcastle), 1777 (Newcastle - Armagh) and demonstration Solo 0000 (Lisburn to Coleraine and onward to Craigavon). Fire damaged Irizar 1714 has gone to Hamill for scrap, whilst B7TL 2951 has received a repaint to overall blue.

04/04/19 - The four new Wright StreetDeck for use on “Urby” branded services have now been delivered but have yet to enter service, 3128 – 31 (LGZ 5128 – 31). 3113, which was one of several earlier deliveries to have 2+1 seating on the top deck, has now been converted to 2+2 layout increasing its capacity from 72 to 80. The remainder with the 2+1 seating are expected to be reseated in due course. Returned to service following repairs are 409 at Craigavon and 539 at Newry. Accident damaged Volvo B12M/Plaxton 117 has been repaired and returned to service at Glengall Street following a period on loan to Metro. Also returned to service is 754 which is with the Driving School for use as a ticket training vehicle. Optare Solo 1932 has been detaxed at Lisburn for engine repairs and Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX 2950 has been transferred to Reserve pending repaint into Ulsterbus livery. Previously detaxed 1727, 1885/9 and 2951 have all been transferred to Reserve pending long term repairs. Scania L94/Wright 751 has been withdrawn with chassis defects. Transfers have seen Solo 0000 move from Coleraine to Lisburn, 751 from Newtownards to Downpatrick and 1913 from Downpatrick to Lisburn. In addition 1720 has been transferred to Metro. Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX 2993 has now been repainted into the allover blue livery, having previously carried the green Park & Ride livery. Sales have seen Scania L94/Wright 716, MAN/Ayats 2004/6/15 and Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX 2932 pass to Hamill, Ahoghill for scrap. Further MAN/Ayats sold to Mullen Truck Importers, Dundalk are 2023/6. All vehicles in the fleet now have four digit fleet numbers, at least on paper anyway. Those with single digit fleet numbers have had these prefixed with three zeros and those with three digit numbers have them prefixed with one zero.

03/03/19 - Expected shortly are four more Wright StreetDeck for use on ‘Urby’ branded services, 3128 – 31 (LGZ 5128 – 31). A further eleven examples are expected later in the year. Returned to service following repairs are 1051 at Newcastle, 2978 at Enniskillen and 3118 at Newcastle. Also returned to service are open topper 2000 at Coleraine and 750 which is with the Driving School for use as a ticket training vehicle. Scania/Irizar has been detaxed at Ballymena for engine repairs. Scania K410/Caetano Invictus 2044 has been written off following accident damage which it suffered in February of last year. Received from Optare, Crossgates on loan was Optare Solo M9250SR 0000 YJ 11 DDA which was allocated to Coleraine from 01/03/19. It had previously spent a short spell with Metro. Transfers have seen 1672 move from Great Victoria Street to Downpatrick and 2934 from Enniskillen to Milewater Service Centre where it is to be used as an engineering float vehicle. Disposals have seen Scania/Irizar 1701 and MAN/Ayats 2024 pass to Hamill, Ahoghill for scrap and MAN/Ayats 2011/6 to Mullen Truck Importers, Dundalk for resale.

04/02/19 - Volvo 9700s C53F 1790/1 (KXI 1060, GXI 421) and B11R/Jonckheere C53F 1792/3 (FXI 403, RXI 3333) all entered service on 14th january, allocated to Glengall Street. Leaving the Tours fleet are Scania / Irizar 130-2 and B12M/Plaxton 117 which have all gone to Metro, with 117 allowing 1720 to come back to Ulsterbus to cover for a defective i4 at Newry. Volvo B7 2951 returned to use at Newcastle in early January to cover for Park and Ride buses being repainted, but was SORN'd again at the end of ther month with engine defects. Also SORN'd are 1051 (Newry), 1889 (Lisburn) and 2978 (Enniskillen), all with engine defects. Scania 733 (Milewater SC Float) was withdrawn on 24th January with gearbox defects. On the move are 1876 (Newcastle - Lisburn), 1048 (Armagh - Newry), 1784 (Newry - Armagh), 1688 (Coleraine - Larne), 117 (Glengall Street - Newry, briefly before moving to Metro), 1748 (Derry - Armagh), 2293 (Newcastle - Armagh) and 2950 (Armagh - Newcastle). Ayats 2020 has been sold to Arthur Mullen Truck Importers Ltd, Dundalk. Volvo B9s 2230, 2330 are now allover blue, previosuly grenn Park and Ride, whilst 2952 is now grey and blue.

08/01/19 - Returned to service during December following repairs were 248 (Enniskillen), 322 (Ballymena) and 1064 (Coleraine). Against that 1885 was SORN’d at the end of December for engine repairs and 2951 was detaxed to Reserve. Transfers saw 117 move from Stranraer to Glengall Street with 141/2 going in the opposite direction. Other moves are 1723 from Milewater Service Centre (Engineering Float) to Downpatrick with 1749 moving the other way, 2294 from Newcastle to Armagh, 2947 from Great Victoria Street to Newtownards, 2951 from Armagh to Newcastle (prior to detaxing), 3112 from Larne to Lisburn and 3114 from Newtownards to Lisburn. Former P & R green liveried 2230 is now in overall blue, with former Metro 2952 going grey/blue. Ayats 2018 is the latest example to go to Hectare Plant Sales, Jonesborough for resale whilst Scania 779 passed to Hamill, Ahoghill for scrap. All four of the recently delivered coaches are being stored until the spring. All seat 53 and are equipped with a toilet.

01/01/19 - Seasons Greetings and a Merry New Year from Irish Transport Heritage.

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