Ulsterbus Fleet News 2001

22/12/01  -  Unusually, red Volvo B7TL decker 2932 made several journeys to and from Lisburn today on service 523, with a well known local enthusiast & driver at the controls!

Citybus B7TL 2932 on loan to Ulsterbus on service 523 at Lisburn - 22/12/01

19/12/01  -  Of the former Citybus Tigers transferred here 2601/4/5/6 are in use at Derry, with 2602 transferred from Magherafelt to Antrim in exchange for Leopard 309. Tiger/Van Hool 594 has been put in to Reserve from Newtownards; this was the last one of these 8 ex Shearings vehicles (591-8) in active use. 591-5 were originally acquired by Northern Ireland Railways for rail replacement duties and were numbered 1-5 in their fleet. They were maintained by Ulsterbus and eventually joined that fleet in November 1989 as 591-5 (OXI 521-5), Sisters 596-8 (RXI 5596-8) were acquired directly from Shearings in Apreil 1990. Mercedes/Alexander 896 (LB) and B10M/Q-type 1524 (OX) have been detaxed with accident damage. 1524 was temporatily replaced by Leopard 187, which itself seems to have been displaced by Tiger/TE 515 ex Bangor. Dart/Wright 607 has moved from Newcastle to Newtownards, where Scania L94UB 721 has returned to service following accident repair. Decker 2931 is back in use at GVS. B7L/Wright demonstrator 2023 (GCZ 9023) should leave the fleet shortly - it's replacement at Larne may be Leopard 134, having had several thousand pounds of work done on it recently.

04/12/01  -  B7TL 2931 did not hit the bridge, but rather came into contact with the bus station canopy at Glengall Street!! It has gone to Newtownabbey for damage assessment and repair.

03/12/01  -  Disgracefully, a second decker has come in to contact with the Glengall Street bridge. It is one of the red ones, no further details available yet.

29/11/01  -  The de-roofed decker 2936 may have to go to Louth Commercials for repair, as Alexanders are currently busy.

20/11/01  -  A rare sighting of a Leopard working in Befast last Saturday was 201 (Reserve, but often in use by GVS) on route 18 Ballynahinch - Belfast. It was changed up for a B10M/Plaxton for the corresponding return journey, so most likely was cover for a breakdown on Friday evening.

19/11/01  -  Not a particularly good photograph, but Tiger 392 here demonstrates the revised livery for these vehicles, without the upper blue stripe. This vehicles also has a revised style of gold numbers, although subsequent vehicles coming out of Duncrue Street have the traditional style ones.

Tiger / N-type 392 at Great Victoria Street - 19 Nov 2001















13/11/01 -  Tiger / Van Hool 598 has migrated to the Driving School with 593 to follow shortly. This leaves 594 at Ards as the only manual gearbox coach in the Ulsterbus fleet. Rumour suggests that training on manual vehicles may cease and that the Driving School are to get Mark 3 Goldliners for training.

11/11/01 -  RELLs 2385/436 have returned to service at Derry and Great Victoria Street , although  the latter is rarely if ever used. Also returned to service following repair it Tiger 1135 at Ards. Vehicles detaxed are Mercedes 53 (Larne - displaced by Mercedes 811/Wright 1805 received from Flexibus) and 871 (Ards), Leopard 135 (Antrim) and Atlantean 2911 (seasonal from Newcastle). The full list of vehicles reinstated from Active Reserve to Bangor for rail replacement is TEs 515/7/22/7 and Q-type 1341.  Vehicles on the move are DAF 674 (Glengall Street - Bangor), Leopards 336 (Laganside - Newcastle) and 309 (Lisburn - Antrim), former Citybus Tiger 2602 (Larne - Magherafelt), Mercedes 883 (Dungannon - Ards), Tiger / Van Hool 598 (Dungannon - Active Reserve) and Metrorider 1818 (Antrim - Flexibus).

02/11/01 -  It had to happe n sooner or later - decker 2936 has hit the bridge at Glengall Street. It has been moved to Falls prior to going to Alexander's for repair. 

31/10/01 -  Mercedes/Alexander 916 (JAZ 3916) which has been out of use with accident damage since 2/98 has finally been written off and has gone to Beatties along with 33 (LXI 1033) and 1984 (NOI 1984). The latter has been displaced as a store at Larne depot by 545 (EXI 5545). Also noted at Beatties was the front panel from withdrawn Ballymena towcar 1758 (HOI 1758) so it is presumed it has also met its fate. The final Scania 738 (ICZ 2738) has entered service at Lisburn displacing 309 to Antrim which in turn has allowed 135 to be withdrawn. 920 has received an allover advertising livery for the Friars Tuck Restaurant in Newry and 1056, 1188 and 1295 have received Mega-rear adverts for the same establishment.

30/10/01  -  Leopard 134 is currently having a new floor fitted at Larne, after which it will be returned to service at Armagh to replace 128 which was badly wrecked in an accident. Tenders have been invited for 13 minibuses; 10 for private hire and 3 for an enhanced service to the City Airport.

25/10/01  -  Vehicles being overhauled at Duncrue Street are now spray rather than brush painted. In the case of Tigers these may easily be recognised by the omission of the blue stripe above the windows. Early examples are 1135 and 392/5.

21/10/01  -  In use on rail-replacement duties between Bangor and Holywood this weekend were Bangor Based B10BLEs and Dennis Darts. Former Citybus Tigers 2606/9 are in use now at Derry and Gt Victoria Street.

16/10/01  -  Citybus B7TLs 2931/2 was noted at GVS with Ulsterbus fleetnames in white on the black surround above its destination display. These are used on the 163A Uni-Link whilst Ulsterbus' own B7TLs are used on the 203B rail substitution service between Central Station and Bangor.

15/10/01  -  In use on the rail-substitution service 203B this afternoon were B7TL 2936 and TEs 515/22/7.

14/10/01  -  Additional rail-substitution service 203B is to be introduced tomorrow, between Bangor and Belfast Central Station to allow for track replacement work on the Belfast - Bangor line. It is not yet known what vehicles will operate this. B7TL 2936 has a mega-rear advert for 'Big W'.

10/10/01  -  Former Citybus Tiger / N-type 2609 was noted in Great Victoria Street on Saturday painted blue and upseated to a 51 seater.

08/10/01  -   RELL 2592 has been reinstated at Bangor after accident repair. Also returned to service are B10BLE 2838 at Derry City (after repair) and Leopard 135 at Antrim. Put in to reserve are ex Hertz Mercedes 709D 63 (from Larne), Leopard 134, Tiger/Duple 532 (both ex Newtownards) and Gentrac Road-Train 2900 (seasonal from Coleraine). Dart 623 has been withdrawn from Dungannon following fire damage. Transfers see 1196/9/2564/5/9/2759/60 move from Derry City to Derry, DAFs 679/80 from Glengall Street to Dungannon and Craigavon and Leopard 333 from Laganside to Coleraine. Tiger/Van Hool 593 is now in Active Reserve, previously at Craigavon.

01/10/01  -   B7TLs 2935/6 entered service in fine style, both being used on service 212 to Derry on Friday. They had migrated to the Uni-Link service 163A today.

28/09/01  -   RELL 2385 may go back on at Derry. Leopard 134 has been withdrawn at NA and 135 is to go on at either AT or CL. Leopard 199 is being shortened at Derry for use as a towbus.

26/09/01  -   Tenders have been invited for the supply of up to 5 12m Touring coaches next year. Ulsterbus are using RELLs 2437/47 as mobile classrooms for training staff in the new ticketing system.

23/09/01  -   Leopard 112 has returned to service at Newtownards, as are RELLs 2374/400 at Derry.

17/09/01  -   Ex Citybus Tiger/N-type 2605/6/7 are now painted in Ulsterbus livery; both are stored at NB awaiting upseating and re-entry to service.

16/09/01  -   B7LTs 2935/6 are now painted blue, although neither is yet in service. 2935 is seen here at GVS, still with a Citybus destination programmed into it's electronic destination display.

B7LT 2935 at GVS

11/09/01  -   A sole new Scania/Solar is 737 (ICZ 2737) at Antrim. TE 525 and B10BLE 2842 have been returned to service at Coleraine and Derry City, both following repair to accident damage. Also returned to service is veteran Leopard 109 (WAZ 5652) at Dungannon, now a mere 23 years old! Now in Reserve are Leopards 112/49/87 (CL) and RELLs 2301 (CL), 2311/453 (CG) and 2374/6/85/6/97/400 (LD) as well as Neoplan 2009 (BG). Moves see 1401/3 go to Laganside, 1180 (Ballymena), 272 (Downpatrick), 134/46 (Newtownards), 1043 (Gt Vict Street), 1260 (Newtownabbey), 1340 (Craigavon) and 286/1251 (Coleraine). Tiger/TE 514 and bizarrely Tiger/Q-type 1341 are now in Active Reserve. All other vehicles detaxed for the summer have been returned to service. Recent arrivals at Beatties are Flexibus 51 (IBZ 3051, ex H904 HGA) and Ulsterbus 116 (ROI 116), 681 (RXI 6681, ex C27 MCX), 684 (RXI 6684, ex D130 ACX) and 1883 (MHS 22P). Other sales see 62 go to Ballymena Sea Cadets and former Atlantean 995 to Coleraine and District Motorcycle Club.

02/09/01  -   B7TL deckers 2935/6 are now unlikely to be used at Bangor, they are currently in store at NB. Unique Neoplan 2009 is to be withdrawn for conversion to a mobile exhibition unit. Ex Citybus Tigers 2606/9 are now blue and as yet unallocated.

20/08/01  -   B7TL deckers 2935/6 are currently being repainted blue. They are to go to Bangor in September for use on Rail Replacement services, transferring to GVS in October for use on the Uni-Link.

08/08/01  -   Dart 622 and Tiger 1245 have returned to service from temporary storage at Antrim and Newcastle, whilst Tiger 411 is stored for the school holidays. A rash of accident victims detaxed are TE's 525/9, Renown 2842 (along with maliciously damaged 2838) and nearly new Solar 721. TE's 522/7 are now in Active Reserve, whilst former Citybus Tiger N-type 2602 is on loan to Larne. DAF/Plaxton 678 is the first of it's type to leave Glengall Street, displacing Tiger/Van Hool 597 to the Driving School from Craigavon. Other moves see 2824 go to Bangor from Newtownards, 458 from Laganside to Downpatrick, 331 from Bangor to Craigavon and 398/9 from GVS to Armagh.

02/08/01  -   Five of the remaining 6 Scania/Solar are now in service at Antrim, displacing B10BLEs 2846/7 to Derry City. The final Scania should go to Lisburn. Former Citybus Tiger 2602 is now painted blue and stored at Ballyclare. At Beatties last week recent arrivals are Ulsterbus coaches 541, 551 and 683 together with Bristol RE's 2398 and 2433.

29/07/01  -  Scanias are in service up to 732 with 723-8 being at Lisburn and 729-32 at Larne. The remaining 6 should go to Antrim. Also new are Mercedes 413/Nu-Track 16 seat 88/91 (ICZ 4720/3) at Dungannon and Coleraine and also Renault Master/Nu-Track 12 seat 85 (ECZ 7085) at Enniskillen (finally!!). RELLs detaxed are 2306 (DP), 2437/47 (NA) and 2444 (MF). Similar 2390 is now in Active Reserve. Tiger/Duple 545 has been withdrawn due to body defects and replaced at the Driving School by Tiger/Van Hool 591 (now re-registered from OXI 521 to JCZ 5225). B10BLEs 2818-20 are now at GVS, 2837-40 at Derry City (2838 has subsequently been maliciously damaged but will be repaired) and 2850/1 at Coleraine. Leopard 272 has moved from Laganside to Antrim, leaving only 248/333/6/8/9 as Belfast based Leopards. Nomadic ex CityExpress Tigers are now at Lisburn (1400),  Newtownabbey (1401 - via Antrim) and Antrim (1403). Other moves see Dart 609 at Craigavon, ex Larne and Tiger/TE 526 at Newry, also ex Larne. The full list of buses detaxed for the School Holidays is as follows:

V  439/80/1139/57/1454/1533/4
OX  248/1094/1155/6/1448/53/80/1524/5/37/8
LB  139/200/47/308/9/16/7/823/4/5/1174/1501/2
NA  441/532/94/1380/1410
BG  244/2443/2563/92
CG  141/58/67/70/9/2311/68/81/95/2453/2577/84/8/91
DP  214/307/11/2/3/5/417
AM  127/8/32/3/4/40/6/71/92/237/8/58/74
NC  169/221/1245/57
NY  190/3/8/279/302/6/14/28/34/2454/2567/8/89/90/3003
DG  129/31/47/8/294/465/1048/9/1515
LD  135/162/3/76/7/80/4/94/229/33/50/95/8/9/345/68/461/8/1504/2374/6/85/6/97/2400/49/50/1/2/5/60/2570/1/80/1/93/4/5/6/8
OM  168/206/96/7/608
E  161/205/363/876/1282
CL 112/73/4/5/86/7/240/84/5/1441/2301/2438/41/58/2599
BM  218/27/8/82/3/9/318/20/1/2/5/422/4/1521
LR  53/63/433/852/72/1158/1270/1523/6/66
MF  185/9/219/20/36/49/86/8/90/1086/1162/1527/9
AT  260/80/369/622/864/1180/1258/9/68/1321
LY  826/74/2564/5/9
NB  1325/8/1538/9/2561
Act Res  145/2316/7/90

10/06/01  -  Scanias are now in service up to 722 (HCZ 8722), along with B10M/Caetano C49F 695-9 (ICZ 6695-9) at Glengall Street and Mercedes 413CDI/Nu-Track 16 seaters 87/90 (ICZ 4719/22) at Derry. The new coaches have displaced the last of the secondhand manual gearbox DAFs (Plaxton bodied 685) to the Driving School where it is again joined by Tiger / Wright Contour 538. RELLs 2377/433/6 are now in Reserve and are joined by Leopard 199 which has been detaxed due to poor condition. Tiger / Alexander TE is now in Active Reserve ex Bangor. Ex Citybus RELL 2563 has gone to Bangor, and has been joined there by B10BLEs 2823/35/6 ex Ards. Solo 1820 has gone on loan to Flexibus from Larne, who have received Mercedes 709D/Wright 872 to replace it. The June service revisions see the withdrawal of Easibus route ED3 in Derry, as well as the commencement of new Rural Transport Fund route 40A (Newry - Whitecross - Beleek - Newry). To cover for the re-routing of most NIR trains away from the Lisburn - Antrim line, new route 109A has commenced serving all rail stations between these point. Recommenced for the summer is the Causeway Rambler service, 376, running from Bushmills Distillery to Carrick-a-rede.

01/06/01  -  Volvo deckers 2935/6 may not now go to GVS, but instead to Laganside for use on the Newtownards Road quality corridor to be introduced in September.

30/05/01  -  Scanias 709/20 (HCZ 8709) are now in service from Newtownabbey and Ards.

27/05/01  -  Scania L94 / Wright Solars 715 - 9 (HCZ 8715 - 9) are now in use at Newtownards. B10BLEs 2818-20 are expected to move to GVS and 2823/4/35/6 to Bangor. RELLs 2437/47 at Ards have also had their blinds removed, indicating a possible move.

23/05/01  -  Wayfarer Transit Systems has been awarded preferred bidder status by Translink to supply a complete integrated ticketing solution. Seehttp://www.wayfarer.co.uk/news/p010518.htm

19/05/01  -  Scania/ Wright Solar Demonstrator 2021 (ECZ 9021) has now been purchased, and will be renumbered 700.

16/05/01  -  RELL 2242 is now at Beatties for scrap. All remaining scrappers from Newtownabbey are now there also, with the exception of long withdrawn 1571 (DOI 1571).

15/05/01  -  Scanias 707/8 are now in service at Laganside, with 710-4 at Newtowanbbey, displacing 2817 to Great Victoria Street and 2818-20 temporarily to Newtownards. 709 is currently defective and is not in service. Cityliner 1403 is still at Falls Park, pending repaint and transfer to Newtownards. Mercedes 87-91 were dealer registered, hence the non matching numbers.

Renault Master 84 - click for full-size image! Scania / Solar 703 - click for full-size image! B10M/Caetano 699 - click for full-size image!

12/05/01  -   Additional vehicles for rural and community transport duties are Mercdes 413/Nu-Track 16 seater 87 - 91 (unusually with non matching registrations ICZ 4719 - 4723). 91 at least carries the number 9191 on the front! Scanias 715 - 22 will now be at Newtownards and 723 - 28 at Lisburn.

10/05/01  -   New arrivals today are the 5 Caetano Enigma bodied Volvos 695 - 9 (ICZ 6695 - 9). They are currently in all over white livery, prior to the application of Tours colours. Route alterations from 14th May see the following changes: 182 (new Rural Transport Route   Omagh - Castledawson via Plumbridge and Magherafelt); 236 (new express service Castle Street - Lagmore Avenue via M1); 534/7/8 (now serves Lagmore Avenue rather than Twinbrook); 539 (new route City Centre - Lagmore Avenue) and 540 (new route City Centre - Twinbrook). 710 is another Scania working from NB. The allocation of these vehicles may change from that previously shown, with Newtownards receiving vehicles sooner then expected. An unusual working this morning was Tiger/Duple 530 on a Bangor - Belfast express. Up to 10 of the Mk I Goldliners are to form a strategic rail replacement reserve fleet, following numerous complaints about the use of REs and Leopards on such duties (obviously by people with no taste bus wise!!).

09/05/01  -   Scania 711 (HCZ 8711) is now working from Newtownabbey.

07/05/01  -   Tiger 1374 (Antrim) and Volvo B10M 1529 (Magherafelt) are both returned to service following accident repair, whilst Tiger 382 has been withdrawn from Armagh following accident damage. Received from Citybus are 12m Tiger/Cityliners 1400/1/3 - 1400 initially at Great Victoria Street, the other two at Lisburn. All three however have now moved to Newtownards. Other moves see B10BLEs 2815/6 go to Citybus, RELLs 2367/76 from Newry to Bangor and 2376 onward to Derry, 286 from Antrim to Bangor and then to Magherafelt and surprisingly Tiger/TE 515 from Newry to Reserve.

25/04/01  -   Citybus RELL 2563 is now in blue and is to go to Bangor, with 2562 possibly to follow it to Ulsterbus.

22/04/01  -   Former  City Express Tigers 1400/1 are now both painted blue and are working from Great Victoria Street.

21/04/01  -   Excellent news is the return of double deck operation to Ulsterbus, with the proposed allocation of 2 of the new B7TLs to GVS (2935/6) for use on the heavily patronised Uni-Link service. Tiger 382 has been written off following accident damage and has gone to Beatties along with Leopard 119, Tiger 444, Mercedes 709D 814, and RELLs 2269 and 2277. In addition 1881 and possibly others are to go to Beatties next week. Deliveries of Scanias are due to recommence in the incoming week.

07/04/01  -   The 6 new Scanias at Laganside have displaced RELLs 2456 (now withdrawn due to chassis defects), 2397 (now in Derry), B10BLEs 2812-4 to Newry and Mercedes mini 872 to Flexibus. Similar Wrights bodied 879 has returned to service in Newry displacing unusual Whittaker bodied 56 to Reserve, whilst some Tigers on the move are 1186 (rear end advert bus Laganside - Coleraine), 1156 (Coleraine - Laganside), 1118 (advert bus Newtownabbey - Gt Vict St) and 1043 (Gt Vice St - Newtownabbey). Towbus 118 at Omagh is now re-registered ICZ 3919.

22/03/01  -   Additional Ulsterbus vehicles fitted with "Bus-pak" advertising panels are 1007 (IXI 1007), 1043 (KXI 1043) and 1157 (MXI 3157). A large number of withdrawn vehicles dumped at Newtownabbey are to go to Beattie, Hillsborough for scrap over the next few days:- 58 (FAZ 3058, ex F246 NLC), 123 (ROI 123), 178 (VOI 178), 559 (WOI 2259), 820 (NXI 820), 1114 (LXI 1114), 1571 (DOI 1571), 2246/50/4/6/7/8/62/6 (ROI 2246 etc.), 2290/2/8 (TOI 2290/2/8), 2318 (TOI 2318) and 2456 (WOI 2456). The latter vehicle was straight out of traffic, displaced by a new Scania. Laganside 2812/3/4 are to be transfered to Newry and 2815 is to go to Citybus. 853 (NXI 6853) is also to go to Beattie for storage. Also going in the batch for scrap is 1804 (LXI 4804). Although sold to Beattie some years ago, it was never collected and has been dumped at Newtownabbey ever since. Fire damaged 1178 (MXI 3178), also dumped at Newtownabbey, is to be retained for the time being. It is to be examined to see if repair is an option.

20/03/01  -   Scania/Solar 701 was at work today from Laganside on routes 8 (Ballybeen) and 13 (Belvoir Park).

16/03/01  -   Tigers 415/80 have had their rear end adverts for Nokia Phones removed (along with most of the paint too!!).

10/03/01  -   Provisional allocations for the Scanias are: 701-8 (Laganside), 709-14(Newtownabbey), 715-20 (Lisburn), 721-8 (Newtownards) and 729-31 (Larne). 732-8 are as yet unallocated. 736-8 will be registered ICZ 2736-8. B10BLE 2837 has returned to service after accident repair, whilst Tiger 444 and Leopard 267 have both been withdrawn after accident damage. B10M 1529 has been detaxed after accident damage and notably has been temporarily replaced by RELL 2444 ex Reserve. This is ony the 4th RELL ever to be allocated to Magherafelt and the first since September 1982! RELLs 2305/89 are both now in Reserve as is Tiger/Wright 538 ex the Driving School.

08/03/01  -   3 additional Scanias are now on order, bringing the total to 38. The first are expected to go to Laganside later this week. Additional vehicles fitted with "Bus-pak" advertising panels are 1040/1/4/94/8/9, 1155/65, 1212/3/54/63/5 and 1320. Known disposals for the some ex Ulsterbus coaches sold on to the mainland are :- 500 (RXI 5500, ex B499 UNB) - Kerslake, Trethonas as B499 UNB. 501 (RXI 5501, ex B503 UNB) - Kerslake, Trethomas as B503 UNB. 542 (EXI 5542) - not traced. 543 (EXI 5543) - Flaherty, Ardmore as 85-WD-642. 549 (EXI 5549) - Burn, Millisle. 550 (EXI 5550) - Jones, Abbey Wood. 552 (BXI 5542) - Kerslake, Trethomas. 553 (BXI 5553) - MacEwan, Amisfield as GSM 188Y. 554 (BXI 5554) - Kerslake, Trethomas. 556 (CXI 1556) - unknown owner, Ireland as 83-LS-432. 592 (OXI 522, ex A161 MNE) - Baldock, Five Oak Green. 595 (OXI 525, ex A167 MNE) - not traced. 697 (HIB 9482, ex WNR 118X) - Kerslake, Trethomas as WNR 118X. Additional Rural Transport routes are 33A (Newry - Hilltown, evenings) and 70C (Armagh - Milford).

25/02/01  -   2 further Renault Masters delivered to Newtownabbey are 85/6 (ECZ 8085/6). Neither is yet in service. Translink has announced development of a new 1 million Bus Centre at Smithfield Square in Lisburn.

22/02/01  -   The first Scania should be officially handed over at NB next Monday. At least 2 were present there today. An innovation on these vehicles is the provision of a side destination display, rather than just a number screen as on previous deliveries. They also carry nearside fleetnumbers.

11/02/01  -  A minor livery variation on the new Scanias is that the logo 'A Translink Service' carried above the rearmost side window has been replaced by the Translink web URL www.translink.co.uk .

06/02/01  -  A lone new vehicle at Derry is Renault Master/Nu-Track 12 seat 84 (ECZ 7084), arriving some 6 moths later than it's sisters. Returned to service are B10BLE 2830 following accident repair, RELL 2362 at Bangor displacing 2580 to Derry, and Leopards 118/28, the former for towing at Omagh and the latter at Armagh displacing Tiger 382 which is for repair after accident damage. Unique Tiger/Wadham Stringer 540 has been displaced from the Driving School by Van Hool bodied 596 ex Larne. Other moves are Mercedes 871 (Lisburn - Newtownards), 2306 (Omagh - Downpatrick) 1118 (Laganisde - Newtownabbey), 1322 (Newtownabbey - Laganside) and RELL 2389 (Newry - Craigavon). Former Citybus Tiger 1402 has displaced RELL 2444 to Reserve at Laganside. Leopard Towbus 120 at Larne is the latest to lose it's ROI registration, becoming HCZ 5695.  New Rural Transport routes are 148A (Dungiven - Ballymoney Housing Estate), 148C (Park - Londonderry), 301A (Carrowdore - Bangor), 301B (Bangor - Craigantlet - Dundonald Hospital) and 379A (Dungannon - Caledon). Registrations reserverd for the forthcoming Scanias are HCZ 8701 - 8735; 702 has been observed outside Wrights. Tiger 1497 is due to gain a super-rear advert for Phoenix Gas.

01/02/01  -  B7L demonstrator 2023 (GCZ 9023) will be handed over to Ulsterbus and inspected by Management in Larne tomorrow.

29/01/01  -  Long awaited B7L demonstrator 2023 is expected early next week and should be allocated to Larne for comparison with Scania L94UB 2021. When delivery of the production batch of Scanias commences it is expected that depots will operate exclusively either L94s or B10BLEs. For example Newtownards expects 8 Scanias displacing it's 4 B10BLEs to Bangor. RELLs 2291/2300 have arrived at Beatties for scrapping.

16/01/01  -  The seemingly endless list of new adverts continues with 1362, 1533/9 carying 'Mega-rears' for the Training and Employment Agency New Deal, 1207 for Smirnoff Red and 1118 in an allover scheme for Guiness. The full list of vehicles to receive Buspak advertising boards is:
V - 1022/3/4/43, 1139/57/65, 1210/1/62 (1023, 1139, 1210 already fitted).
OX - 485, 1010/1/40/1/4/94/8/9, 1155/6, 1212/3/54/63/5, 1320 (485, 1010/1 already fitted).
NB - 1042, 1115/7/64, 1251/67, 1323/4/5/6/7/8/30 (all fitted).
BG - 1002/3/30/5, 1243/4.
NA - 1025/6/54/5, 1113/75/6/89, 1241/2/56/91/2.
LB - 1001/5/6/7/27/9, 1110/1/6, 1235/6/52/3.

12/01/01  -  The 35 Scania's on order will take fleetnumbers 701-735. 1117 is a further "Buspak'd" Tiger.

10/01/01  -  Dart 610 has returned to service at Bangor, along with RELL 2454 at Newry, and B10M 1627 at Newcastle after accident repair. 62 seat Tiger 1135 has been detaxed after suffering accident damage, whilst RELL 2375 has been withdrawn with fire damage. Leopards 168/206 are now at Omagh and sister 161 at Enniskillen. The B12M/Caetano coaches on order will take fleet numbers 695-699. B10M/Alexander 1525 now carries a rear end ad for the Training & Employment Agency. The latest N-types to gain 'Buspak' boards are 1139 and 1327. Following today's announcement of the major investment by Translink in new trains for NIR (see www.utvinternet.com - not Translink's own site!!) it is possible that attention could be turned to the increasingly antique bus fleet in the near future?

09/01/01  -  More N-type Tigers fitted with Buspak boards are 1325/6.

07/01/01  -  Two further Tigers with Buspak boards are 1267 & 1324.

02/01/01  -  B10M 1524 now carries a super rear advert for the Training & Employment Agency.

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