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RELLs - gone again !


Tiger 1155 - with new style logo / fleetname - Ballygowan Sept 2004

16/12/04 - Mercedes/Wright mini 886 is to go to Wealden PSV this weekend.

12/12/04 - Leopard 146 (ROI 146) has been sold to Beattie for scrap. Thanks to Paul Savage for some pictures of Scania / Irizar 100 (MCZ 6100) far from home in Koblenz, Germany.

03/12/04 - Former Citybus RELL's 2567/8/9 (BXI 2567/8/9) are being prepared for sale to Lough Swilly.

27/11/04 - B10BLE 2810 is now in the Metro base style livery. DAF/Plaxton 672 has passed to Wealden PSV for resale.

21/11/04 - B10BLEs 2807/8 are both now in the Metro base style livery with all green rears, whilst Solar 788 has had the blue at the rear repainted green, but retaining the mint coloured area.

16/11/04 - Present today in GVS were an Optare Alero and an Optare Solo Slimline. Both were for management inspection and will not be used in service.

07/11/04 - Thanks to Edward Miller for these pictures of former Ulsterbus vehicles, now with Mcgonagle of Buncrana.

07/11/04 - TE's 519/22 have swapped allocations again, with 519 going to GVS and 522 to the Driving School. B10M/Plaxton 1571 has moved from GVS to Dungannon, and like sister 1572 is fitted with an electronic destination display. Tiger 2612 has returned to Citybus (GVS) after it's period of loan at Newtownabbey.

04/11/04 - B10M/Plaxton 1572 which has not had a destination screen since running for Citybus has had an electronic screen installed.

30/10/04 - RE's 2367/85 (UOI 2367/85) and 2432 (WOI 2432) are reported to be on their way to Wealden this weekend.

10/10/04 - On loan from Citybus are Tigers 2610/26/9 at Derry (2610/29) and Downpatrick (2626). Volvo B7RLE/Wright demonstrator 2029 was returned to it's owner on 10th September. Leopard 172 has returned to use with the driving school, displacing DAF 677 to Enniskillen, where Volvo B10M 1579 is off for repairs. Other moves see TE 520 go from Enniskillen to Lisburn; Tiger 420 from Lisburn to GVS and B10M 1565 from GVS to Derry. RELLs 2368/76/97 have been sold to Wealden, whilst Leopard 190 has gone to Beattie for scrap, having been re-registered from VOI 190 to YCZ 6472; doubtless we will soon see and 'EZ' registered Leopard !

15/09/04 - Tenders have been invited for the supply of PSV's as follows: approx 60 * 12m Goldliner interurban coaches; approx 50 * low floor double deck urban buses; approx 60 * low floor minibuses; approximately 25 * double deck interurban coaches and approx 110 wheelchair accessible single deckers of between 10.5 and 12m length. Delivery is anticipated by December 2005 (except the double deck coaches expected by December 2006).

Scania 817 -  August 2004 - (Paul Savage)Volvo B7RLE 2029 -  August 2004 - (Paul Savage)Tiger 1410 -  August 2004 - (Paul Savage)

12/09/04 - Tigers 1094/1156/1254/1448 returned to service on 19th August on loan to Newtownabbey for rail replacement work, all 4 returning to Laganside on 1st September. These were then replaced by demonstrator B7RLE 2029 (previously at GVS) and Tigers 2612/4 loaned from Citybus. Also on loan from Citybus is Tiger 2615 at Lisburn, to where Mercedes 895 has returned after it's period at Short Strand. Also returned to service are B10M 1556 (Enniskillen), Leopard 338 (Lisburn - formerly with the Driving School) and Dart 610 (also Lisburn, formerly Active Reserve). Against this Leopards 172 (VOI 172) and 277 (YOI 2277 - both Ards) are in Reserve. 172 should return to use with the Driving School to replace 338 whilst 277 is to be scrapped. Other moves see TEs 519/22 changing places, with 519 returning to the Driving School and 522 to GVS; Leopard 336 going from Newcastle - Bangor; Dart 649 (Bangor - Lisburn); Mercedes 895 (Lisburn - Bangor) with similar 898 moving from Newcastle - Bangor and 894 from Lisburn to Derry.

19/08/04 - Scania 817 is the first of it's type to receive an overall advertisement (for the Junction One outlet centre), and looks smart too.

17/08/04 - Iveco/Nu-Track 20 (UCZ 8320) entered service at Antrim on 11th August, where it has been joined by sister 21, previously on loan to Citybus. The Volvo demonstrator in use at GVS is FJ04 ETY and has Wright B44F+29 bodywork. Returned to service at B10BLE 2820 (GVS - after repair), Tigers 1151 (Newcastle), 1157/1454 (GVS) and B10M 1540 (NB) whilst 1539 (Newtownabbey) and 1556 (Enniskillen) are detaxed for the remainder of the school holidays. Mercedes 895 has go to Citybus Short Strans for a period of loan. Goldliner Mk1 519 is now in use with the Driving School and has been replaced at GVS by sister 522. Also gone from the Driving School in B9M/Plaxton 600 (back to Flexibus); it has been replaced by DAF 677/Plaxton, previously at Downpatrick. Leopard 270 has been sold to Beattie for scrap.

15/08/04 - B10M 1540 (NB) is in a slightly revised livery style, with the new 'T in a circle' logo above the front wheel arches, and the fleetname in blue block lettering above the front windows.

10/08/04 - Volvo B7RLE demonstrator 2029 (FJ04 ETY) is due at GVS.

29/07/04 - New Rambler services from 5th July are 407 (Kilkeel - Attical / Cranfield), 408 (Newcastle - Newry via Bryansford - formerly route 33B), along with service 337 Kilkeel - Kitty's Road / Scrogg Road.

25/07/04 - B10M/Plaxton 1634 has returned to service at Magherafelt displacing Tiger/Duple 531 (OXI 531) to Reserve. Notably 531 was the last of the Tiger touring coaches in active service and also the last of a long line of Duples. Also gone to Reserve are the last 2 RELLs (again !) - 2376 (Antrim) and 2444 (Coleraine), whilst B7TL 2935 (GVS) has been detaxed for accident repair. Citybus Tigers 2615/9/20/9 were on loan to Newtownabbey for the last 2 weeks of June. As usual a large number of vehicles have been detaxed for the school holidays:

GVS Tiger 1139/57/1454; B10M 1533/65
Laganside Tiger 1094/1155/6/1254/1448/53/2607; B10M 1524/5/37/8
Lisburn Leopard 139/317; Tiger 1051/1498/9; Dart 619/20; B10M 1501/2; Scania 755/6/7/8
Newtownards None
Bangor Leopard 218/44/74/80
Craigavon Leopard 141/5/67/70/9/203/4/225/6/54/304/19/26/31
Downpatrick Leopard 214/72/307/11/3/4/5; Tiger 1150
Armagh Leopard 134/66/258/73/91; Tiger 352/87/98/9/414/2653/4/5/6
Newcastle Leopard 308; Tiger 1151
Newry Leopard 198/200/17/37/45/56/62/79/302/6/14/28/34/; B10MA 3003
Dungannon Leopard 129/31/47/8/71/51/294/4109; Tiger 1169/1285; Mercedes 885; B10M 1515
Derry Leopard 184/94/229/38/50/96/8/9; Tiger 345/7/8/68/410/3/8/9/61/8/1047/68/9;

Tiger 1205/6/7/8/9/76/7/8/2601/4/5/58/9

Omagh Leopard 297; Dart 608; Tiger 462/1065/1355/91/1433/4
Eniskillen Tiger 385/1061/1281/2; B10M 1555
Coleraine Leopard 133/74/86/206/8/9/10/1/2/40/68/71/85/324
Ballymena Leopard  261/82/3/7/9/318/20/1/2/5; Tiger 425
Larne Tiger 1082/1158/83; B10M 1523/6/36
Magherafelt Leopard 189/219/20/36/49/88/90; Tiger 1162/1270
Antrim Tiger 369/1081/1160/1258/9/68/9/2606/8
Derry City Tiger 1200/1/2/3; Mercedes 918
Newtownabbey Tiger 1267/1323/6; B10M 1540
Active Reserve Leopard 177/205

Moves see B10M 1648 and Scania 1705 swapping depots (1648 to GVS; 1705 to Newcastle); Flexibus 600 going on loan to the Driving School; prototype B7RLE/Wright Commuter 2201 from Ballymena to Ards and Mercedes 898 from Bangor to Newcastle. DAFs 673/6 have gone to Wealden, along with RELLs 2400/2449/50/2/60 and 2598.

24/06/04 - RELL 2374 (UOI 2374) is the latest to go to Wealden. A number of the vehicles recently sold to Wealden have surfaced on the mainland: DAF 675 - Bagust, West Kingsdown; Mercedes 828/47/51 and RELL 2588 - Perry, Bromyard;  Mercedes 855 - Mann, Gravesend. In addition 538 is now with Reddin, Muff, Co. Donegal as 87-DL-5242.   RE 2449 has been sold to Wealden (on paper only) and has since passed to Baxter, Londonderry for preservation.   Minibus 52 has also been sold to Wealden (on paper only) but has since passed to an unknown local buyer for conversion to a caravan.

18/06/04 - A new service introduced from 1st June is 121F (Antrim Town Centre - Junction One Shopping Centre).

09/06/04 - Several 'old timers' to return to service are 133 (ROI 133 - Coleraine), 184 (VOI 184 - Derry), 177 (VOI 177 - Northern Area active reserve) and 4109 (WAZ 5652, ROI 109 - Dungannon). A more youthful returner to service is 2774 which has returned to service at Downpatrick following accident repair. Leopard 233 (Derry) and Mercedes 867 (Craigavon), 890 Downpatrick were detaxed to reserve at the end of May. Moves see Mercedes 890 go from Newcastle - Downpatrick along with B10M 1626; TE 519 from Omagh - GVS; Leopards 188, 248 from Active Reserve and Laganside to Coleraine; RE 2376 from Coleraine to Antrim; B10M 1631 Derry - Craigavon; Scanias 1697/1704 GVS - Dungannon & Derry; Tiger 1384 Downpatrick - Newcastle and finally DAF 680 from Dungannon - Driving School. RELLs 2563/98 have gone to Wealden whilst Leopard 192 (Reserve) has been re-registered from VOI 192 to XCZ 4076. Not previously mentioned are several new routes: Dromore has gained a minibus operated town service for the first time with 4 routes operated: 329A Square - Church Green, 329B Square - Jubilee Road, 329C Square - Barban Hill, 329D Square - Ballynahinch Road. Also new is service 75A Dungannon - Moygashel - Portadown - Craigavon Hospital.

17/05/04 - Cityliner 1365 returned to service at Coleraine on 8th April after damage repair. B10BLE 2774 (Downpatrick) is the latest to require fixing after accident damage and is now detaxed. Mercedes/Wright 890 (Antrim) was also detaxed at the end of April but has since returned to service at Newcastle. A large number of moves see TE 525 go from Newcastle to Downpatrick, Tigers 1221/3 swapping places between Ballymena and Coleraine with 2606 going from Derry to Antrim; Leopard 159 Newcastle - Downpatrick, 188/227 (Ards & Ballymena to Active Reserve) along with Dart 610 from Bangor; B10Ms 1559/60 (Dungannon - Omagh) and 1572 (GVS - Downpatrick - hopefully it's destination screen will be reinstated there); Solo 1822 (Antrim - Lisburn); Mercedes 891 (Antrim - Lisburn) and 897 (Bangor - GVS) and finally Dart 649 (Lisburn - Bangor). 227 has been in use at Coleraine, along with 248 from Laganside. RELLs 2395/2584/8 have been sold to Wealden.

12/05/04 - Amazingly nearly a month and a half after everyone thought the era of the RELL had finished, 2 have been returned to service! The lucky vehicles are 2376 (UOI 2376) and 2444 (WOI 2444) which have both gone to Coleraine to cover for a vehicle shortage and should remain there until at least the end of the month. Good job I'm going to Coleraine tomorrow then !!

09/05/04 - The 3 buses destroyed at Portrush were Leopard 284 (AXI 284) with Tigers 1220 (NXI 4220) and 1442 (XXI 1442). Nearly new Scania / Solar 814 was also damaged but will go back to Wrightbus for repair. Recent arrivals at Beatties are Leopard 180 and Mercedes 850. Similar Mercedes 834 and 855 are at the docks for shipment to Wealden. 834 is a replacement for 826 which will not now be going.

07/05/04 - 3 vehicles have been destroyed by fire at Portrush - numbers yet to be confirmed.

19/04/04 - The only changes to Goldline services which did not take place were in fact those to Service 200 - all other changes did take place.

18/04/04 - The prototype Volvo B7RLE/Wright Commuter B51F 2201 (WCZ 2201) will enter service tomorrow (19th April) from Ballymena. The changes to Goldline services which were meant to take place on the 19th have been postponed. Scania/Irizars entering service in March were 1697 (TCZ 1697 GVS - 3rd), 2700 (TCZ 2700 Newry 5th), 1698, 1704 (TCZ 1698/1704 Enniskillen and GVS 7th) and 1681 at Omagh on the 17th, completing the batch of 46 of these vehicles. Also entering service were Iveco/NuTrack 16 seaters 28/9 (UCZ 8328/9) at Derry on the 10th and 12th of March. Delivery of the current order for full sized vehicles is now complete and the focus of fleet replacement will now switch to the railways for a period of time. A solitary vehicle returing to service was Dart 608 at Omagh, following accident repair. As well as the last 4 RELLs, a number of ther vehicles were detaxed to reserve at the end of the month - Leopard 303 (Newcastle), Mercedes/Wright 834/81 (Enniskillen and Newry), DAF/Plaxton 676 (Driving School) and Atlantean 2911 at Newcastle, leaving 2908 as the only active Ulsterbus example of the breed. B10M 1634 (Magherafelt) was also detaxed with accident damage. Moves saw the following: TEs 516 (Lisburn - Larne), 518 (Ballymena - Derry), 525 (Lisburn - Newcastle); Leopard 194 (Magherafelt - Derry); B10M/Caetano 512 (Antrim - Driving School); Scania/Irizar 1693 (Larne - Ballymena) and finally Mercedes minis 879 (Bangor - Newry) and 903 (Ards - Bangor). Leopard 127 is another to lose its ROI 1xx number, becoming WCZ 2011 in the process. RELL 2589 has gone for preservation to Haughey, Newry, whilst sisters 2381/2453 having been sold to Beatties for scrap.

Volvo B7BLE/Wright Commuter 2201 - Belfast - April 2004 (Will Hughes)

















11/04/04 - Monday 19th April will see a major enhancement to Goldline services, with a 30% increase in the mileage being run. Highlights of the changes are: Ser 200 (Belfast - Dublin) - every 2 hours; Ser 206 (Belfast - Newtownards) - irregular service throughout the day; Ser 211 (Derry - Belfast via Magherafelt) - withdrawn; Ser 212 (Belfast - Derry Maiden City Flyer) - half hourly throughout the day Monday - Friday; Ser 215 (Belfast - Downpatrick) - hourly service; Ser 218 (Belfast - Portrush) - hourly service Belfast - Coleraine; Ser 240 (Downpatrick - Newry) - two hourly service; Ser 250 (Belfast - Portadown) - two hourly service on Saturdays; Ser 273 (Belfast - Londonderry) - hourly service Belfast - Omagh. Also from the 19th Service 26B (Saintfield - Lisburn) is extended to/from Downpatrick.

04/04/04 - Tiger/Duple 545 (EXI 5545), Dart/Wright 611 (CAZ 6611) and Mercedes Wright 844 (NXI 6844) are the latest vehicles to arrive at Beatties for scrapping.

30/03/04 - Wrights Contour 538 (GXI 538) has been traced to Reddin, Muff, Co. Donegal. The Wrights Volvo B7RLE Commuter coach is due to be shown to management tomorrow. It's fleet number is 2201 and will be registered WCZ 2201. It has been confirmed that the four remaining RE's will be withdrawn tomorrow (Wednesday 31st - unless of course Derry know better).

28/03/04 - The latest vehicles to arrive at Beatties are RE 2458, Leopards 158/69 and minibuses 63, 846/62. Of these 63 was at one time earmarked to go to Wealdon. Three minibuses have turned up with mainland operator Wacton, Bromyard. They are 828/47/51 and are the first of the recent batch of vehicles sold to Wealden to surface on the mainland.

23/03/04 - Former Ulsterbus RELLs 2272 and 2305 (TOI 2272/2305) recently sold to McDaid, Londonderry have now been resold by McDaid to Lough Swilly for spare parts.

21/03/04 - Scania / Irizar 1700 has entered service from Newry carrying the registration TCZ 2700, rather than TCZ 1700 as might have been expected.

09/03/04 - Dates of entry in to service for the latest new vehicles are Scania/Wrightbus Solars 813 (VCZ 8813, Coleraine, 05th Feb) and 817 (Antrim 13th Feb); Scania K94/Irizars 1679 (TCZ 1679, Armagh, 16th Feb), 1680 (Armagh, 20th Feb), 1696 (Dungannon 23rd Feb), 1694/5 (Magherafelt - new vehicles at last !!, 2nd March & 25th Feb), 1706 (Derry, 24th Feb), 1705 (GVS, 3rd March); Iveco/Nu-Track minis 22 (UCZ 8322, Ards, 13th Feb), 16 (Armagh), 17 Dungannon, 23 (Enniskillen - all 26th February). All the Scanias bar 1704 have now been delivered to the company, althought a number remain to enter service. Dart 615 returned to service at Lisburn on 25/02 following damage repair. Vehicles leaving the active fleet for Reserve are Leopards 190 (Newry), 192 (Armagh), 303 (Newcastle); Darts 606 (GVS) and 608 (Omagh - detaxed with accident damage); DAF 672 (GVS) and RELLs 2432 (GVS), 2440 (Derry); 2444 (Active Reserve), 2563 (Bangor) and 2599 (Coleraine). Seemingly the replacement Tigers were not accepted in Derry resulting in the reprieve for RELLs 2570/95/6/8, hence proving it takes more than a Tiger to kill off an RE! Moves see Scania 1678 go from Armagh to Newcastle, former Airbus Dart 651 from GVS to Citybus Short Strand, Leopards 316 (Lisburn - Newcastle), 205 (Enniskillen - Active Reserve), 238 (Armagh - Derry), 218 (Ballymena - Bangor) and Mercedes mini 834 (Newry - Enniskillen). Leopards 140/77/87 (ROI 140, VOI 177/87) now carry registrations VCZ9398, VCZ 8661 and LKZ 6715. A number of the vehicles recently put in to reserve should return to service in mid April when a major enhancement of the Goldline express services takes place; most routes will be run on an hourly frequency, with the 212 Maiden City Flyer going to a half hourly service during the day.

02/03/04 - Three more of the Iveco minibuses to enter service are 16 (UCZ 8316) at Armagh, 17 at Dungannon and 23 at Enniskillen. Derry has received Leopard 238 from Armagh and was also due to get 192 but this is accident damaged and is unlikely to be repaired.

01/03/04 - ** STOP PRESS ** The last of the RELLs are refusing to die, with at least 2595/6/8 retained temporarily at Derry. A Volvo B12M/Sunsunsengui coach demonstrator was present in Glengall Street tonight for demonstration to management - FK53 KZG.

29/02/04 - If everything goes to plan RE operation in Northern Ireland should cease today with a final late shift from Derry being operated by one. The survivors were given a rousing send off with a tour of various city and country routes around Derry using survivors 2440 (WOI 2440), 2595/6/9 (BXI 2595) together with Lough Swilly 450 (former Ulsterbus 2581 BXI 2581). 2595 was repainted in 'as new' livery with paperclip and ivory round the destination screen; it also sported a canopy with 'Farewell to the Bristol RE' whilst 2596 had '28 February 2004' and 2599 'RE 1969 - 2004'. Well done to all concerned for a memorable day! A picture special of the event can be found here. After the event both 2599 left for preservation. Sadly the replacements for these buses seem to be a number of rather less interesting Citybus Tigers. Other news is that the forthcoming B7RLE/Wright Commuter should take fleetnumber 2201.

22/02/04 - More RELLs to go to Beatties for scrap are 2293/4 which had been stored at Craigavon. Sadly Leopard 520 (COI 520) has also been sent for scrapping - this vehicle had been a preservation candidate after withdrawal but unfortunately time has taken it's toll and it has made it's final trip down the motorway to Hillsborough. Another RE which could be on it's way for scrapping is former Citybus 2413 (VOI 8413) which at one time was prepared for an aborted mobile office project - it has been stored at Beattie's crane yard in Lisburn for some time. Better news is that 2 RELLs have gone for preservation - former Citybus 2306 (TOI 2306) to Shannon, Newtownards and 2441 to Lockhart, Londonderry. These disposals see the complete elimination of 3 batchs of RELLs - 2231-70 (ROI 2231-70), 2271 - 2305 (TOI 2271-2305) and the former Citybus 2306-20 batch (TOI 2306-20).

21/01/04 - At Newtownabbey RELLs 2250 (ROI 2250), 2377 (UOI 2377) and 2443 (WOI 2443) have been prepared for movement to Beatties for scrapping. Scania 817 (VCZ 8817) is now in service but has gone to Antrim and not Craigavon as previously advised.

17/01/04 - RELL 2440 (WOI 2440) has returned to service at Derry.

15/01/04 - Four more vehicles to go to Wealden are Ulsterbus Leopard 163 and Mercedes 859 along with Flexibus Mercedes 860 and 1809. The Leopard never left Ireland though, being sold to an unknown operator south of the border. RELL 2311 is to go to Mulholland, Craigavon for use as a store and 2272/80, 2305 are to be moved to McDaid, Londonderry for scrap over the next few days. A number of vehicles are also to go to Beattie for scrap shortly. They are Leopards 149/58 and 241, Tigers 545/55/94, Dart 611, Mercedes 844/6/62 and RE's 2294, 2377 and 2443/53. Also to go is RE 2293 which although sold to Beattie almost two years ago had never been moved there. By Saturday (14th) only 149 had moved to Hillsborough. Tiger 555 is of some note as it was the first of the type placed in service by Ulsterbus on 1st May 1983.

10/01/04 - The first 2 of the batch of Iveco 50C13/Nu-Trak B16F are 18/9 (UCZ 8318) which entered service on 7th January at Ballymena. Other vehicles entering service during January are Scania K94IB/Irizar C53F+8 1670 (TCZ 1670 - Armagh 8th Jan), 1693 (Omagh 16th Jan), 1699 (Enniskillen 22nd Jan), 1678 (Armagh 23rd Jan) and 1701 (Newry 29th Jan); Scania L94UB/Wrightbus Solar B43F+36 809-12 (VCZ 8809 Lisburn all on 22nd Jan), 815/6 (Dungannon 28th and 29th Jan) and 814 (Coleraine 2nd February). A number of vehicles were also returned to service in late December and January including Mercedes/Wright 845 (Derry City - this was detaxed at the end of January again) and 834 (Newry); B10M/Plaxton 504/5 (Lisburn); Leopards 338 at Newtownabbey (this later moved on to the Driving School) and 130 (Driving School); Tiger 1023 was also returned to use at GVS after it's fire damage was repaired. 2 more Leopards were detaxed at the end of the month 161 (Enniskillen) and 181 (Ards) along with Tiger/Duple 533 from Derry. Notably this leaves Tiger 531 (Magherafelt) as the only Duple bodied vehicle left in active passenger use. Ex Shearings Tiger/Van Hool 597 (RXI 5597) was withdrawn from the Driving School on 11th December having given nearly 14 years useful service to it's second owner. Moves see B10M/Caetano 511 go from Glengall Street to Lisburn (where it has been repainted white with a blue skirt), TE's 516/25 from Larne and Coleraine to Lisburn, Tiger 1125 from Newry to Craigavon (swapped with similar 1299), Leopard 296 from Omagh - Derry, 5 day old Scania K94IB 1693 from Omagh - Larne and finally Mercedes/Wright 833 has returned to service with Flexibus. Sales see Mercedes 709D 823 go at Wealden PSV; sister 848 has been sold to McGloin, Stranorlar whilst RELLs sold are 2590 to Hart, York for preservation and 2272/80/2305/17/75 to McDaid, Derry for scrap. Finally Leopard 133 has been re-registered from ROI 133 to VCZ 4093.

08/01/04 - Tiger/Wright 1411 is another to be converted to B57F.

RE 2432 - still in use on the Lisburn Road - Feb 2004














31/01/04 - RELL 2599 has been reinstated temporarily at Newtownabbey; 2440 at Derry should be detaxed at the end of the month. Leopards 338/9 (BXI 338/9 - 339 being the last delivered of the breed) are now in use with the Driving School.

30/01/04 - The additional batch of 9 Scanias is now starting to enter service with 809-12 (VCZ 8809) etc at Lisburn. 813/4 should go to Coleraine, 815/6 to Dungannon and 817 to Craigavon.

27/01/04 - RELL 2432 (WOI 2432) has been reinstated at GVS; however 2569/90 (BXI 2569/90 Derry, Newry) are now in Reserve.

19/01/04 - Tiger 1260 (Newtownabbey) has lost it overall advertisement for the Northern Ireland Fire Authority and is back in fleet livery.

17/01/04 - Tigers 1409/15/21/2/5/6 are now all converted to B57F+11 and repainted in normal bus livery.

16/01/04 - Dates of entry to service for new vehicles are: Scania K94IB/Irizar C53F+8 8th December (1677/91 TCZ 1677 etc at Ards and Ballymena), 9th December (1702 at Newry), 11th December (1675 Craigavon, 1683 Omagh), 23rd December (1692 Ballymena, 1703 at Newry) and Scania L94UB/Wrighbus Solar B41F+33 which all entered service on 9th December at GVS. Tiger/Q-type 1438 has returned to service at Omagh following accident repair whilst Leopards 127 (Omagh), 133 (Armagh) and 140 (Enniskillen) are now in Reserve. Transfers see Tiger 480 go from GVS to Newcastle in exchange for Dart 606, Mercedes 889 (Coleraine - GVS), Leopards 280 (Antrim - Bangor), 172 (Coleraine - Ards), B10M/Plaxton 506 (Glengall Street - Derry), 1637 (Ballymena - Derry) in exchange for 1658 and Scanias 723-5 (GVS - Derry). Leopard 146 has lost it's ROI 146 plate for an anonymous UCZ 9654.

08/01/04 - Tiger/Wright 1408 (Craigavon) is now B57F+11, having previously been C53F. B10M/Plaxton 692 has lost it's Eurolines livery and is currently overall white. Timetable changes from the start of the year see the 212 Maiden City Flyer service to Derry operate a 15 minute frequency on Friday afternoons.

07/01/04 - 3 further RELLs have been taken out of service: 2365/95 (UOI 2365/95) at Craigavon and 2452 at Londonderry, leaving a total of 11 in use. 2365/95 were the last of the 40 strong UOI batch in use (2361-2400 UOI 2361-400). Vehicles sold recently have been Tiger/Duple 530 (OXI 530), DAF/Plaxton 674 (SXI 1674) and Mercedes/Wright 892 (AAZ 8892), all to McGonagle, Buncrana. Mercedes/Wright 871 (TXI 7881) has also gone to a Donegal operator, Gibbons, Ballyshannon. Three more Ulsterbus minibuses have gone to Wealden, Tonbridge (dealer), 825/47/53 (NXI 6825 etc). Former Leyland Tiger/Duple 547/8 (EXI 5547/8) are now Lough Swilly 445/6 and have been reregistered 84-DL-2314 and 2316 respectively. Bristol RE 2581 (BXI 2581) is now Lough Swilly 450 but has not been reregistered yet.

01/01/04 - Have a Happy ( & interesting) new year.

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