Farewell to the RELL - in Northern Ireland

On Saturday 28th February 2004 the Irish Transport Trust ran a tour to Derry to comemorate the ending of 35 years RE operation in Northern Ireland. The initial batch of 2 door Leyland engined vehicles (1051 - 1070) operated on the Derry City routes for all their lives and fittingly Derry remained a stronghold of the type right until the final day of operation. In use on the tour were Ulsterbus 2440 (WOI 2440), 2595/6/9 (BXI 2595) and Lough Swilly 450 (new to Ulsterbus as 2581). Also present were the ITT's preserved Citybus 2 door example 2415 (VOI 8415) and Derry's 2 other active examples 2570/98 (BXI 2570). Pleasingly after the event 2599 entered immediately in to the world of preservation.

(Pictures are approx 50-100k each & may take some time to download).