2016 Bus & Coach Rally
Saturday 23rd April – Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Cultra

The Annual Bus & Coach Rally, the 44th since inception in 1972, will take place on Saturday 23rd April 2016 at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum at Cultra, Holywood, Co. Down commencing at 09.30 hours.

The event will include judging of vehicles and a timed Road Regularity Run around parts of Belfast and North Down. During the Rally a number of heritage vehicles will operate free journeys to Bangor and Holywood/Holywood Exchange to give visitors and enthusiasts the opportunity to sample buses no longer to be seen in normal public passenger service.

The Road Regularity Run will cover approximately 25 miles starting in the mid-morning with details of the route together with maps being distributed to drivers on their arrival at the event. Entrants participating in this part of the day are strongly advised to bring someone along to assist with navigation as due to very limited staff availability Irish Transport Heritage will be unable to provide any assistants. On return to Cultra following the Road Run vehicles will be on display to the public until approximately 17.00 hours. For those who wish they may also participate in providing a vehicle(s) to assist in the free demonstration bus service mentioned above.

A range of cups and trophies will be presented to winning entrants, the presentation of which will take place at the conclusion of the Rally. A “Finishers Award” will also be presented at the conclusion of the Rally to all entrants who attend for the whole of the day.

No competitive distinction will be made between professional and non-professional drivers. This reflects present day licensing requirements for drivers to have professional qualifications to drive most types of public service and former public service vehicles. Also in the interests of fair competition an independent judge will be appointed on the day. Their role will be to observe the day’s proceedings and to penalise any entrant who does not follow the rules or acts in an irresponsible or unacceptable manner.

The Rally is only event of its type in Ireland and Irish Transport Heritage strives to make it an interesting and memorable day for the professional and enthusiast alike. Everyone is welcome and we hope that you will be able to support the event.

Will Hughes
Howard Cunningham

An entry form for the Rally can be downloaded