Leopard 1337 - Marshallstown - 1988

Leyland Leopard 1337 (4037 WZ)

1337 was the first Leopard the Trust purchased for preservation. It was one of the first large batch of 40 Leopards bought by Ulsterbus in 1969 numbered 1301 - 1340. These were unique in having Potter bodywork, and also in having reversed registrations (4001 - 4040 WZ). The first 20 of the batch has 53 bus style seats, whils the remainder had 49 more comfortable dual purpose seats, a pattern which was repeated with Ulsterbus Leopard purchases until the last vehicle was delivered in 1983. 1337 was one of several reseated with 64 seats in s 3+2 arrangement for use on schools workings. This did not prove successful and it was reseated to 53, in which state in was acquired by the Trust in November 1985 when withdrawn from Coleraine depot. As part of its restoration it was once again reseated with 49 seats recovered from similar vehicles, to enhance its comfort on tours and outings. Unfortunately 1337 was maliciously destroyed in Antrim depot on 14/10/90, along with several Ulsterbus vehicles. Its replacement in the Trust fleet was 1591.